Cavs-Bucks: Afterthroughts on an entertaining game

If the Bucks play exactly like  they played against Cleveland they have a strong shot at advancing into the Second Round of the NBA play-offs.  Very impressive.

Bullet points:

1.  I don’t have a lot of respect for Cleveland coach Mike Brown.  He’s a LeBron buttsmoocher.  You can’t coach a team and bend over for one of the players, no matter how good.

I have even less for him after watching the fourth quarter of tonight’s game.  How many times did the Bucks run two variations of THE EXACT SAME BALL SWING PLAY and how many completely uncontested 3 point shots did they get?  Stackhouse on the right; Ilyasova on the left; Swing the ball and the Bucks have a wide open look.  And the Cavs reacted to it the exact same way every single time.  They tried repeatedly to trap Luke Ridnour out high; Ridnour beat the trap with a pass; Quick swing — there you go!  Coach LeBron Brown hasn’t heard of an adjustment.

2. Yes, Bogut missed a two footer at the end, but he played very well.

3. Superb defense on LeBron, especially when he penetrated the lane.  The Bucks repeatedly collapsed their double teams backward, like the Russians did to the Germans in WWII.  This tactic seemed to catch James by surprise and force him into poorly angled passes or bad shots.

4. John Salmons has been incredible.  I have the Bucks individual numbers ready on the Win Chart and he’s playing out of his mind.  Earlier I said he wasn’t the reason for the Bucks surge — now I say he is. (On the Win Chart — every time I try to put the whole thing together I can’t, and now I’m back to two games behind)

5. Kind of a bad couple of plays by the Bucks in critical situations out of time outs.  Nothing good was going to become of that pass that went off Salmons knee, and Ridnour seemed to not know what to do on the full court play.  Johnny Mac was right — critical possessions like that cannot end in turnovers.

6. Speaking of the Salmons play — what was up with the quick replay on that one, and then the “Thanks, Paschke — but I trust my eyes” non-replay on what looked like a critical three point shot by Mo Williams?

7. Finally, did you hear Mo Williams say the Bucks were a tough team — especially on the road??  Three months ago I wasn’t sure they would hit double digit wins on the road.

8. Salmons is essentially what we expected Redd to be only much better so far.

2 Responses to “Cavs-Bucks: Afterthroughts on an entertaining game”

  1. Blake Says:

    Ridnour screwed us.

    All I gotta say. lol

  2. tywill33 Says:

    Hold it though, bud. I agree that was a weirdly shitty effort on the full court play, but he was in a position where he or some other Buck had to hoist a three and everyone on the Cavaliers knew it.

    But still, what the hell was that weak ass bounce pass to no one?? And why wasn’t Jennings in the game? He’s faster than Ridnour for one thing, and I kind of think he would have handled the situation better.

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