Skiles is blaming Bogut!

Well, apparently Coach Skiles doesn’t read Courtside Analyst.

This morning on the way in to my office I heard on the radio (when I say “on the radio” I mean sports radio, because I never listen to music) a soundbite from Skiles post game comments.  He was disappointed that the team lost a winnable game:

“Well, that was a game we should have won… [W]e need to be more aggressive in important situations… [W]e need to be able to dish it off to our big man and have him dunk the ball…”

Clearly, oh so clearly, a reference to Bogut’s inexplicable miss of a two footer that was free and clear. 

But, come on.  As I argued in a post below, a basketball game is not situational.  You can’t say “oh, had he caught the ball when the runner was on third base…” 

In basketball, every play counts.  And Bogut made many plays that PUT THE TEAM IN A PLACE where his bun-bun miss matter.

But still, there was something awesome about hearing Skiles say, in essence, “the Bucks should have won” a game on the home court of probably the best team in the NBA. 

Also, I loved seeing the body language on display by the Bucks after LeBron James basically sealed the game for Cleveland late. 

It wasn’t “Oh, nice try”.  The body language from the Milwaukee Bucks said to me “God damn it… that was OUR game.”

Great to see.

One last thought.  Isn’t it great to watch Bucks games and really be into the outcome?  I mean, for six years or whatever we just kind of watched them to watch them.  Now I’m rocking back and forth, bitching at the television, screaming instructions at players.

Its awesome.  Bucks basketball is back.


4 Responses to “Skiles is blaming Bogut!”

  1. Blake Says:

    Bogut played fantastic in last nights game, but I have to admit; for someone considered a top 3 center by most that missed layup was completely inexcusable. I could of hit that, and Bogut has 9 inches on me. I was disappointed in him to say the least…

    • tywill33 Says:

      Blake, I two days after games I write cold analytical posts about what happened.

      But you better believe I was throwing out some cuss words when he missed that simple, simple uncontested, bun-bun! HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?????

  2. D Says:

    I was just talking to somebody at work about how I’m so much more into the Bucks games then in years past, especially when they play good teams. Screaming at the refs, jumping up and down with my almost-2-year-old and giving him high-fives. It’s funny, sometimes he screams at the t.v. with me. Good times…finally.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Isn’t it weird? Its a totally different “feel” and I missed it so much and its awesome to have it back. I’m not doing work and watching, or flipping channels. I’m into it big time.

      Wow, are these playoffs going to be fun.

      Well, fun in the sense that a ride at Great America is fun, if you get my meaning. Its nerve racking fun, in other words.

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