Win Chart up, the War in Charlotte, and more

I’ve finally got the Bucks Win Chart updated.  Primo Brezec sucks.  Did you see the other night when he was boxing a guy out backwards?  Jonny Mac said “Nice effort by Brezec, but the problem was he had his back turned to the basketball”.

I’m watching the Charlotte game.   Salmons is at it again!!  Wow!!  He is Hurricane Bob Hazel!!

Footnote from Wikipedia on Hurricane Bob Hazel:

Hazle is best remembered for his meteoric 1957 performance. He was promoted from Wichita only after outfielder Bill Bruton suffered a season-ending knee injury, and did not play until the Braves’ 100th game.

In less than three weeks, from August 9 through August 25, Hazle batted .473 with 5 home runs and 19 RBI in 14 games, a sudden burst of unexpected offense that earned him the nickname “Hurricane.”

Does that not sound like Salmons?

6 Responses to “Win Chart up, the War in Charlotte, and more”

  1. Blake Says:

    Words cannot describe out pissed I am. Apparently this team has no fucking idea how to rebound the ball, the effort on the boards in the 4th and overtime was just downright pathetic. We didn’t even deserve this one.

    • tywill33 Says:


      Did you notice who dropped out of the lineup when Delfino returned? Stackhouse only played 12 minutes. Skiles is one smart coach. Of course it helped that Delfino is probably the best defender of Gerald Wallace in the Association.

      • Blake Says:

        I haven’t checked up on the stats but Brandon Jennings played like garbage, he really needs to step his game up for the playoffs. I’m probably wrong but I’d say he had around 5-6 assists and 4-5 turnovers in this game while shooting 28%. I am just so sick of him playing like that. I’m starting to really wish that Skiles would have let Jennings stop shooting and start dishing more…

      • tywill33 Says:

        Your always one post ahead of me!! Check the latest for Jennings last night — great defense/shitless offense.

    • tywill33 Says:

      OMG, you can completely see why… Stackhouse committed 2 turnovers in only 5 live possessions!!! The guy is a turnover machine!!

  2. tywill33 Says:

    Check the next post…

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