Bucks Win Chart updated through Game 75

The Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart has been updated to reflect the Charlotte Bobcats narrow loss.

I don’t know if anyone caught it, but I slighted John Salmons a full game in my last Win Chart due to simple carelessness.  His numbers now reflect his true contributions:  3.3 wins and 0.3 losses.  Those are Kobe Bryant type numbers, just slightly under.  I should do a post comparing the two.

The Bucks Pythagorean wins this season, meaning the number they would be likely to have given their point differential, is 41.6 wins.  Marginal Win Score Win Credits are at 39.9 wins, which is 96% of the Pyth, while the Total Win Contribution numbers are even closer at 40.3 wins, suggesting the necessary rounding off of numbers has taken away 0.1 wins from this or that Milwaukee Bucks player. 

Its incredible to me that Brandon Jennings, the 20 year old point guard, has the most Game Responsibilities on the team at 10.1 games, but he does.  I guess its not that incredible… he’s young and energetic.   In his young days, Kareem would routinely log somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 or 15 Game Responsibilities per season. 

When you consider that — by the rules of the game — the maximum any one player can log is 16.4 GRs (82 games/ 5 players), Kareem’s endurance was incredible.   Maybe that’s why he bitched about Lanier and Walton to that little kid in the movie Airplane!


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