As we  speculated here on Courtside Analyst about 2 hours ago, Bucks C Andrew Bogut is gone for the season, a staggering blow to a team with high hopes.  Bogut actually suffered multiple injuries on his ugly fall.  He broke his wrist, which this writer has also done in game action, and in a similar manner (it took six weeks in a cast to recover), but Bogut also dislocated his elbow.  The severity of  that injury is crucial.  If he did serious damage it could affect his career.  But lets not talk that way at this point.  Bogut is out, and the Bucks have to deal with it.

In the past few hours I have been under the assumption that Bogut was absolutely gone (due to the usual prognosis for his apparent injury), and I have already written my analysis of the road from here, and its in the posts below, so I can finally go to bed. (the Bucks MUST hold off Charlotte for at least the sixth spot.  If they play Orlando or Cleveland, they are cooked.)

Final thought.  This writer believes the Bucks can no longer count on C Andrew Bogut.  This writer saw the play in question and believed it was more the fault of Bogut performing a hot dog dunk than it was any undercutting by Amare Stoudamire.  This writer has seen Bogut perform the unnecessary swing on the rim stunt several times and this time he paid for it.

The Bucks must look to draft an Alton Lister/Ervin Johnson type this June.  Those two were underappreciated but they each produced big wins for the Bucks in their days.

The  Bucks have to find one, and there are options available in  the draft.  The player need not be a center, but he must have the strength and mentality to play center.

He must be a big ugly.  A player who can’t see the  hoop from outside the lane.  A player who defends the cup ferociously, rebounds like his life depended on it, and takes only high percentage shots.  Such players are highly valuable and yet highly overlooked, meaning they come cheap.

The Bucks need one badly. The team cannot keep going through this year in  and year out.  The team cannot be so dependent on one player unless his name is Kareem.

Footnote:  I reread that post and it sounds like I want to replace Bogut.  No.  I simply want to have a productive backup in place should another injury happen.




  1. brgulker Says:

    Really, really tough break, Bucks fans. You guys know I’m a Pistons fan, but I was going to be rooting for you guys in the Playoffs. Still will, assuming you hold on … just seems more unlikely you’ll have a legit shot at an upset now. Bum deal.

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