Likely Bogut prognosis: Out for Season

Okay, I can’t just sit here waiting while no information whatsoever comes in on Bucks center Andrew Bogut.  Instead I’ve been calling around and trying to get a feel for what he might have had and what it might mean.  Besides, I guarantee what the Bucks will put out to the press will be  half bullshit anyway, just like the Celtics did with their bizarre claim that Kevin Garnett suffered a “bruised” knee last season.

Outlook on a Dislocated Elbow:  Not Good

It looked to me like a dislocated elbow.  That’s what Brandon Jennings thought as well

If it was, and I’m almost certain it was, its bad, bad news.  We probably haven’t heard anything because as I type  this Andrew Bogut is probably in surgery or has gotten out of surgery to put his elbow back in place.  The question is how much damage did he do to the bones and ligaments in the elbow.

There are several levels of dislocation.

1) A simple dislocation does not involve any major bone injury.

2) A complex dislocation can have severe bone and ligament injury.

3) A severe dislocation involves damage to the nerves.  Lets hope this isn’t it.

In any case I’ve found, the expected return to ANY activity is six weeks.  Then he begins his strengthening.

The normal treatment is immobilization for a period followed by strengthening and rehab. And considering the  elbow  is vital to basketball, and considering  he’s right handed, I can’t see how he plays again this season.  We should probably just hope there’s no long term damage.  We’ve lost Bogut,  it appears.

The best return case I found was a football player who returned in 3 weeks, but he returned with his arm immobilized.  That won’t work for Bogut.

I guess we have to pray for an Easter miracle.  As I said, it just doesn’t seem fair.  Everything was falling into place.

But just because the Bucks lost a captain, that doesn’t mean they should give up the ship.  You have to fight on.


2 Responses to “Likely Bogut prognosis: Out for Season”

  1. Blake Says:

    Yup, it was fun while it lasted. But our season is over.

  2. D Says:

    How depressing……..

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