I saw it all coming… no one paid any attention

Like King Lear in the storm, the national media has finally recognized the Milwaukee Bucks competence after it has passed.  There’s about two chances in hell they advance past the first round any more without their starting center, but its nice to know they were the best story in the NBA season while they lasted.

Whenever things seem to be going well, why does the road always seem to turn for the Milwaukee Bucks?  One fellow gets his head somehow stepped on, another uses the rim as a trapeze and learns a hard lesson about gravity.

Damn.  Well, I don’t know.  The Bucks somehow have to get two wins here in their last six games if they are to have any chance of being competitive in late April/May.  Tonight against the Bulls would be a good start.

And by the way, do we have to see any more of those absolutely disgusting pictures of Bogut with his elbow at a 90 degree angle?  Lets put that to bed.

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