Berri and I and BucksNation were all right

Last night the Milwaukee Bucks clinched a playoff spot.

On October 29, 2009, a certain author of a certain book you ought to purchase and read sent me the following email, Subject lined “Bucks forecast?”:

Hi Ty,
What is your forecast for the Bucks right now? Still think they are going to be good? The consensus is they are very bad, but I don’t see that in the numbers.

I didn’t see it in the numbers either.  And I said so at the time.  And the readership here was with me, and now we have been vindicated. 

Skiles rules, the Bucks rule, and BucksNation rules.  And this should teach us all something about the reliability or credibility of the national press corp.  Most of them are nonthinking dolts.

In fact, last night I tried to get the Bucks win prediction numbers I showed you yesterday down to the levels the national experts said they would be at.

You would have to have eliminated Bogut and Redd for the entire season.  At the time, there was no indication either would miss the season. 

And now I see the idiotic “Scoop” Jackson has his own show.   That man has gotten further on less talent than anyone I’ve ever seen.  He ought to be the cover boy for the national NBA press corp.  He’s an idiot.


4 Responses to “Berri and I and BucksNation were all right”

  1. robbieomalley Says:

    I haven’t read much from Scoop but I have a hard time believing anyone makes more idiotic statements or makes consistently worse prediction than Doug Gottlieb. In my opinion he’s been the worst for a while.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Plus he’s buddies with everybody and he’s a complete Hero Worshipper… and he makes weird racial analysis that he thinks won’t be challenged because of his background.

      He’s just awful.

  2. Fear the Deer? and Forecasting the NBA | The Wages of Wins Journal Says:

    […]  Ty Willihnganz at Courtside Analyst summarized Milwaukee’s 2009-10 season last April with the following comment: Berri and I and BucksNation were all right […]

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