Uh-oh, where are the counterpart opponent stats?

Maybe Professor Berri was right.  He told me not to rely on 82games.com.  It may be the case that I no longer can. 

Somebody else check, but it looks like they’ve removed their Counterpart Opponent statistics for this season (click on “By Position” and you get nothing).  They have them for past seasons, but for this season, they’re completely gone.   It doesn’t effect my Bucks Win Chart, because luckily I went to my own manual Counterpart Opponent statistics around Christmas. 

But it does effect lot of other things.  I was anticipating doing all the other teams and then setting up a seperate blog where you could see the entire NBA in one spot.  I can still do it, but it won’t be quite as accurate.  My “Level Three” Marginal Win Score (Level One is right off the transcript, Level Two is relying on 82games.com) assumes the same level of defense, adjusted for position, for each player. 

This is generally true — look at John Salmons improved defense once he became a Buck — and about 86% accurate to what 82games.com provides, but it will overcredit certain players (Mo Williams) and undercredit others (defensive specialists).

I can hope its just a glitch.  Maybe something went wrong and they’re fixing it. (Fat Chance — they’ve removed the statistics entirely).  Going forward, I think Roland whatever his last name is who runs 82games, is now employed by I think the Rockets, so I have to plan as though he will have increasingly less interest in maintaining his site. 

If I want what I call “Reverse Boxscore” statistics (the statistical averages compiled by the opponent playing the same position — mine include steals), I’m going to have to figure out a way to do it myself, and without an army of spotters.



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