Bad things happen in 3s (so I’m ducking)

Okay, I”m officially having a bad week (I’m counting last Saturday as part of this week).

Andrew Bogut goes out for the season on a completely unneccessary rim hang that led to injury.  Now all I’m seeing are posts about how great the Bucks were going to be, and what a great season Andrew Bogut was having, and how the Bucks were going to be the Cinderella story.

Its kind of like losing a Lottery Ticket and then finding out it was probably going to be a winner…. its like “Thanks guys, rub it in some more”

Okay, there’s that.  And now I confirmed that Counterpart Opponent statistics are gone FOR GOOD.  Apparently, Roland Beech has “lost interest” in the site.  Probably because he’s now sitting in the Dallas Mavericks owners box watching games, instead of on his couch in front of his television.

I mean, I should be appreciative of his efforts, and it was totally predictable that the thing was winding down (that’s why I started the independent statistical gathering for the Bucks Win Chart… I’m glad I did now), and I could see that the website was losing juice (they updated very slowly and they haven’t had an independent piece of analysis since 2004). 

But still, it made what I do easy and fun and convenient.  And now that’s done. 

I have to evaluate how much time and effort I can now invest in this thing going forward. 

We’ll see…  meanwhile I’m waiting for the third shoe to drop.

FOOTNOTE:  Of course, in every crisis there is an opportunity.  There are now no “reverse” or “defensive boxscore” statistics in existence.  If someone were to put forth some initiative, they’d have the field to themselves (I’m talking to myself here).  You could now carry some exclusive proprietary rights that could be valuable.   And how hard could it be to produce those statistics quickly and efficiently?  f Popcornmachine can produce gameflows within six hours after a game is over that carry exact “game stints”, I can’t see why you couldn’t simply figure out a way to credit “the opposite” person in a statistical scheme.   It seems so simple.  Instead of say, crediting Brandon Jennings for a field goal made, you credit it to the guy on the other side who you assume is playing point guard, say Derrick Rose.  It seems to me that all you’d have to do is feed lineup variations and orders into a program.   Of course, that’s easier said than done, I guess.


2 Responses to “Bad things happen in 3s (so I’m ducking)”

  1. David Says:

    I think one particularly difficult thing with figuring the matchups is that coaches will rotate a few players on the others teams top scorers (for example, the Lakers will mostly use Artest on the opposing teams top perimeter scorer, but will use Kobe when he feels like playing defense). Shoot me an email at, I’d love to help out.

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