Good News replaces Bad

Things are not as bleek as they seemed. 

There is actually a drumbeat out there for some source of statistical information that mirrored, and is actually better than, what was produced on 

The Basketball Geek’s “Individual Defensive Efficiency” is a half step away already.  And Mike Prada at the blog “BulletsForever” has been pushing for exactly what this blog has been pushing for:  in essence, reverse statistics.

It makes too much sense not to happen.  Stay tuned. 

Oh, also,  in all my doom and gloom, I missed the fact that the Bucks once again kicked New Jersey in the keister and moved one step closer to locking down that sweet, sweet fifth or sixth seed.

Things are looking up.


One Response to “Good News replaces Bad”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    I’d just say it was an okay win, seeing as the Bucks made the first half harder on themselves than it had to be, especially as the Nets seemed to forget Lopez was there at all. eh well, it’s a win regardless.

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