Moute’s Dilemma

With the injury to Andrew Bogut, suddenly Luc Moute might be a man without a country.

Moute turned his season around in late January and February when he was moved from small forward to power forward.  He found his niche playing the blue collar role next to the big man Andrew Bogut.

Now what do you do with him?  The Bucks are left to play mainly converted power forwards at center.  Its very hard to play a converted power forward at center and a converted small forward at power forward.  That lineup is too small to be effective.  There’s no Bogut back there to solidify. (and then, with Delfno, Salmons, or Stackhouse at small forward, you could argue that you would have an entire front line of converted players).

You almost have to go with Moute at the 3, but he’s not that effective at doing the tasks that small forwards are asked to do, and it takes him away from the one task (offensive rebounding) that he can do to add value to the team.

Its a dilemma.


One Response to “Moute’s Dilemma”

  1. Ryan Says:

    For a couple weeks there in Feb, it seemed like he was boarding like a good starting PF. Yeah Bogut’s good at boxing out and helping other guys get theirs, but jeez Moute’s numbers have been up and down. I know I still love him but don’t really know what to make of him beside the defense. Thank God him and Ersan complemented each other so well this year.

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