Baby Davis problem for Bucks

This is sacreligious, but I think the Bucks are better off versus Garnett than Baby Davis.  Davis normally sucks, but the Bucks clearly cannot handle any power forward with any heft or “power”.

Davis is normally unproductive, but his dominance in the middle turned the game.  The Bucks really have no one that can bang with a big, big man.

I just see problems ahead, but it should still be fun.

2 Responses to “Baby Davis problem for Bucks”

  1. Blake Says:

    If we had Bogut I think we’d definitely put up a fight against the Celtics or Hawks, but without him I just don’t know…Skiles better fire these guys up in some way.

    Since were gonna be swapping picks with the Bulls, we’re in good position to grab a big guy in the draft. Some of the guys that might be around are Greg Monroe, Hassan Whiteside or Cole Aldrich. All of them are pretty nice prospects IMO, can’t wait for your draft previews as usually you are spot on with your predictions. But I am positive were going PF, Hammond even said that he knows this team needs a tough PF who can bang around inside the paint and get those rebounds.

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