Big Game…BBBBBBBiggggg Game!

That post heading is an Eddie Docuette reference for true Antlerheads!!  We need “The Voice” for tonight’s game!!  Big one… as Avery Johnson would say “Get Yo Face Right!!”

Thanks for all the comments… I swear I will respond to each and every one.  I’ve just been a little busy, but that’s no excuse.

Also, Jennings actually played well last night.  I did a Reverse Boxscore last night, believe it or not, he was one of the Bucks stars!  Check out his regular boxscore and try and come to that conclusion!  Wait, I should post that… here it is.

Of course, Delfino had one of his bi-weekly, RIDICULOUSLY HELPFUL games.  Its like he goes “+2” “-1” for about eight games and then he has a ridiculous Bill Russell/Wilt Chamberlain like “+14” game.  And he does it in such beautifully clean ways.  He’ll pick up like +8 just on his shooting, which is unheard of, then he’ll grab like 4 or 5 rebounds, 2 or 3 steals, and then he won’t give an inch of back on defense or through turnovers or fouls.  Its just a beautifully efficient “clean” style of basketball.

ADDENDUM: It actually turns out not to be that big a game.  The Celtics are playing half a lineup, and the Bucks are in a “horse a piece” playoff spot.  They’ve brilliantly shielded themselves from a certain “deathmatch” against Orlando or Cleveland, and are locked into a “very difficult” matchup against Atlanta or Boston.  I guess with Garnett’s deal, the Bucks are better off playing the Celts.  Plus the fact that they don’t have a “dominant” big man.  But the Celts won’t be chicken feed, for sure, especially when the Bucks don’t have Bogut… Goddamn, I wish we would have had the opportunity to play out this season with Bogut, just to know what would have happened.


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