What does that “best seats in 20 years” mean?

The Bucks announcers and commercials keep advertising that the best season ticket availabilities in 20 years are open.  To me that’s saying, “We’ve lost a lot of long time season ticket holders that date back to the opening of the Bradley Center”.

That sounds like they’re advertising either a ticket depression of serious proportion, or they’re adding new seats.  I think its the former, which is bad news/good news.  The bad news is the Bucks are losing revenue.  The good news is they may have to revamp their ticket prices just as other teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves and others have had to do.  My brother has lower bowl seats at the Target Center and he said next season he will be getting a substantial reduction.

Antlerheads would like that.  And I think its coming.

This is a boring game tonight.  Hey, Jonny Mac just basically made the same exact comment, over my shoulder on the television!!  Jinx #14,  you owe me a Pabst.  That reminds me…


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