Bango better off versus Atlanta?

This might go down in my pantheon of stupid statements, but the Bucks might be better off playing against the Atlanta Hawks.

They will not be favored against either Atlanta or Boston, but Boston’s defense and their self-creating scorers might be a bad combination.

I realize the Celtics have recently lost to both the horrible New York Knicks, and the horribler Washington Wizards.  But those losses underscore the weakness the Celtics have at the center position and at power forward.  That’s the way to attack and beat the Celtics.  Some guy named Blatche torched them in the Wizard game, and David Lee abused them in New York.

If the Bucks still had Bogut, that would be the way to go.

But the Bucks don’t have Bogut.  So they might be better off playing the team with more firepower, the Hawks, and hoping they can douse some of that firepower with their defense.  The Hawks will let you produce on offense, the trick is to try to stop them on defense.

Yes, Josh Smith will have a series and a half against the Bucks.  And Al Horford will probably be quite productive also.

But John Salmons has owned Joe Johnson, and I like Delfino against whomever the Hawks put out at small forward.  Plus, Jennings can exploit an aging Mike Bibby and an overrated Jamal Crawford.  None of the aforementioned matchups would be similarly favorable if the Bucks played the Celtics.

And really, the bottom line is this.   I’d rather have the Bucks trying to find some way to stop the Hawks than trying to find some way to score against the Celtics.  Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how it shapes up.


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