Cut-and-Paste Guest Post from Tony

Okay, I absolutely had to cut and paste this comment.  I’m just sorry it languished in the Comment Section as long as it did.

From “Anthony” (I’m sure he’ll provide his full name), here’s his comment:

Another genius’ (Bill Simmons) season predictions for the Eastern Conference:

Eastern Conference
1. Boston, 62-20
2. Orlando, 60-22
3. Cleveland, 59-23
4. Chicago, 49-33
5. Atlanta, 44-38
6. Washington, 43-39
7. Miami, 42-40
8. Philly, 40-42
9. Charlotte, 39-43
10. Toronto, 39-43
11. New York, 32-50
12. Detroit, 31-51
13. Indiana, 26-56
14. New Jersey, 25-57
15. Milwaukee, 19-63

Ty’s Addendum:

Brilliant bit of research.  19 wins???  How do you calculate that the Bucks would have 19 wins??  He’ll say, “Oh, I didn’t see Jennings being so talented” or “I didn’t see them adding John Salmons”.  The obvious rebuttals are:  Jennings is not worth anywhere near 25 wins, and the Bucks were nearly already at 19 wins when they acquired Salmons.

That’s just a bad bit of predicting.

I will however, grant that he seems to have gotten the Detroit situation right, where others had them in the playoffs.  But I have a feeling that was lucky, because he turned around and followed the “Gilbert Arenas is so good” herd by picking the Wizards well beyond where they deserved to be.

But he DID get that 2005 Chris Paul draft selection right!  Wait, that doesn’t look so clear cut anymore either…

By the way, if you want a quick explanation as to how and why the bizarre “Final Four draft premium” that was first uncovered in Stumbling on Wins occurs, read this post by Bill Simmons.  It should be entitled “How not to draft NBA players, but how they are drafted anyway“.

4 Responses to “Cut-and-Paste Guest Post from Tony”

  1. Abe Jaroszewski Says:

    I’m not sure if you saw this or not, but I figured you would be interested in it:

  2. brgulker Says:

    I’d say Simmons got Detroit right because he hates Detroit. It’s still sort of lucky, but he just doesn’t like the Pistons, and he rails on us all the time.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Probably. Notice who he picked first?

      I also think he has a hard-on for Milwaukee, for some odd reason. He kind of picked on the Bucks with his whole “Let me be the GM Campaign”

  3. Anthony B Says:

    Hello Ty,

    Long-time Bucks fan and reader from Beirut, Lebanon.

    Thanks for the shout out.

    Hopefully these so-called “experts” won’t be so quick to dismiss us next season.

    Keep up the great work.

    Anthony Ballouz

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