Gadzuric, Thomas… good so far

The Bucks troubles, if they’ve had any, have not been the responsibility of the backup centers Dan Gadzuric and Kurt Thomas.  At least not so far.  Each has played rather well post-Bogut. 

I’ll be updating the Bucks Win Chart shortly, but here is the breakdown of wins and losses produced since Andrew Bogut’s ugly injury (does anyone else subconsciously shake their elbow whenever they think about Bogut, or is it just me?)

Bucks Wins and Losses in last 4 games (by Marginal Win Score)

1. Carlos Delfino…0.5_0.0

2. John Salmons…0.5_0.2

3. Kurt Thomas…0.4_0.1

4. Luc Moute…0.3_0.0

5. Dan Gadzuric…0.2_0.0

6. Ersan Ilyasova…0.2_0.2

7. Brandon Jennings…0.2_0.3

8. Luke Ridnour…0.1_0.2

9. Primo Brezec…0.1_0.0

10. Jerry Stackhouse…0.0_0.4

11. Charlie Bell…(-0.1)_0.2

12. Royal Ivey…0.0_0.0

TOTAL: ….2.5_1.6



One Response to “Gadzuric, Thomas… good so far”

  1. D Says:

    What a frustrating game tonight. Why is it that Salmons is the only Buck who knows how to drive to the basket? Sooner or later the guys need to realize that clunkers aren’t going to get it done and should try to switch it up a little bit, right?

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