I got the Lakers right and Spurs close

Since I’m taking shots at Bill Simmons,  I decided to go back and put myself to the test.  How did I do with my preseason predictions?

It looks like I was dead on with the Lakers.  And if you go by Pythagorean, I wasn’t too far off with the Spurs.  The Blazers I also got right, but for the wrong reasons, so I don’t count that.

Unfortunately, a lot of my picks are lost because MVN.com went out of business, so you’ll have to trust me.  I did the Bulls and Hawks on a napkin and got both of those wrong.  I got the Wizards right.  I  got Denver right, too, but they’re pretty easy.  Every season they win about 50 games.

Does anyone remember my picks for Cleveland, Boston, and Orlando?  As I recollect, I gave the advantage to Cleveland, but I think I had them and Orlando and Boston with many more wins.  I was way off with Boston, I think.


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