Hawks beating Bucks with one-on-one

When the Hawks meet the Bucks in the playoffs, the Bucks defense versus the Hawks shot creation will decide the issue (along with rebounding).

In their meetings the Bucks have a Team Win Score of 42.70, about what they put up for the season.  But they allowed the Hawks a Team Win Score of 47.05, much higher than the Bucks overall Opponent average of 40.17.

It appears the Hawks are beating the Bucks with one-on-one shot creation.  That’s not normally an effective technique, but it has been against the Bucks. 

The historical NBA average of assists to made baskets is 56.0%.  It stays around that number year after year. 

Against the Bucks, the Hawks have an eFG of 52.3%, above average, but only 44.5% of their makes are assisted, well below the historical average.   And for the season, the Hawks team average of assists to made baskets is right on the historical average, 56.1%.  So the Bucks are playing strong defense, the Hawks are simply beating them one-on-one.

I’m going to go through the transcript of every Buck-Hawk game this season to provide reverse stats for every single player.

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