Jennings defense finally getting recognition

All season I’ve been saying Brandon Jennings is creating wins for the Bucks despite his highly inefficient offensive game.  He was doing it, I contended by shutting down his opposition.  Yet all I heard commentators saying is how he had to improve his defense. 

Finally, the excellent basketball site,, has recognized Brandon Jennings defensive prowess.

Their awesome statistic, “dmult”, which is kind of something I want to get at myself, asks how productive each players counterpart is compared to their average production.  (the problem, I’m not sure how they calculate “production” but I’m sure its reliable).   Based on that calculation, Jennings has played outstanding defense, as I contended.

Read the post, its good.


7 Responses to “Jennings defense finally getting recognition”

  1. Ryan Says:

    3 Milwaukee Bucks mentioned… What universe am I in!?

    • tywill33 Says:

      And Ryan, how about Skiles for Coach of the Year in their other post… Bucks rule.

      I still cannot get over how quickly the realities can change. It was only two years ago we thought the Bucks would never defend anything…

  2. Palamida Says:

    When I read that article couple of days ago all I could think about is how even with a weird mixture of methods (+/-, Dmult , Team Ratings, boxscore etc) the vast majority of the players picked are players whose Defensive contribution IS in fact captured by the Box Score (I.e, Steals, blocks, PF’s) despite the fact that most of the fans, pundits and experts alike keep arguing that the weakest aspect of the common Boxscore lies in it’s inability to capture Individual Defense. Personally I have always disagreed with that, but as to why… that’s an entirely separate discussion.

    Ty, I thought it’d be fun if you and all the readers who are interested would make a few playoff predictions and we can examine how “we” fare vs. the conventional opinion. Since Sport Books have yet to release their Lines and spreads I can only guess what the public opinion is, but i’ll take a first stab at it (and perhaps rectify upon seeing odds) :
    1.) The Spurs will “upset” the Mavs: The Mavs as we all know have thoroughly outplayed their Pyth. Exp. Furthermore Balanced Teams Like the Spurs (9th best Defense and Offense) have historically “overachieved” in the Post season.
    I Think the Spurs should actually be the favorites in this one and I suspect the Line would represent the opposite.

    2.) Denver will not win more than a single game. Denver’s Marginal Defense simply will not cut it in the postseason. There is some question as to the health of Ak47 and Boozer. Assuming they play I see Utah beating Denver 4-1 as the most likely scenario (again I mention this as i suspect Popular opinion would argue that in all likelihood this would be a much “closer” series.

    3.) With B. Roy questionable I doubt it’ll happen in the first round but PHX will crumble sooner or later. Their mixture of Elite offense and sub-par Defense which basically is the way all the Nash\Amare Phx teams of this decade were composed (and other teams as well) has consistently been “disappointing” in the Postseason.
    Despite Grabbing the 3rd. seed PHX will not make it past the second round.

    This is at my first glance, more to come when I’ll delve a little deeper and when the Lines are released.
    So everyone – Pitch in! let’s predict, guess, and estimate till our head hurts.

  3. J.D. Mo Says:

    Hey Ty,

    First I need to apologize for losing track of your site when MVN went away – I’m correcting that this evening.

    Good stuff at Basketball prospectus r.e. Jennings – it’s been clear to me that he’s doing a better job of staying in front of some impossibly quick point guards than most pgs in the league. I’m glad that showed up in the metric – it’s been pretty plain to the eye and what he did on Derrick Rose last week in the final six mins was impressive to say the least.

    now what about these Hawks? They’ve got some horrible defenders on the team – Crawford, Bibby. Yet Smith and Horford show up in the metrics as good defenders, defying the team’s overall 15th rank in points per 100 possessions. To me it doesn’t add up …

    Whyat do you think?

    • tywill33 Says:

      Hey buddy!

      Yeah, I faded away a little there. After MVN died I was just going to write a casual NBA blog, but this has just turned into Bucks Diary version 3 🙂 Time and I guess interest overwhelmed me.

      As for the Hawks, yes, they have good defenders on the interior. Their effective height is much more imposing than their actual height.

      But the Milwaukee Bucks should be able to exploit their weaker perimeter defenders. Jennings did a very nice job of that on Saturday. Delfino must show up and do the same. Yes, the Hawks will try to choke his three point shot

      Do you like the “Complete Boxscore”? I have to tinker with the format because its a bit hard to read, but I think it gives a fuller story of the game.

  4. Palamida Says:

    I wish I could edit :p
    I mistakenly thought Utah had HC adv. and not the other way around :p.
    Obviously the nuggets will surpass the 1 win mark. If however AK and Boozer are healthy I still expect Utah to prevail.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Your Utah edit is noted.

      We should have gone with your idea about playoff predictions. This is usually the time of year I like to go nuts, but I’ve been robbed of time lately.

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