The horrifying numbers from the Hawks game

I’m stunned that the Bucks only lost by 8 points against the Atlanta Hawks.  Man-for-man, they were thoroughly destroyed.

Two players recorded positive raw Marginal Win Scores, Delfino and Ridnour.  Delfino was excellent, scoring a +9.5. 

Now for the carnage, which I have to write text style because I only have a few minutes.

Salmons (-11.5)

The Hawk counterparts produced 30 points against Salmons, on an unbelievable 12 for 16 shooting, including 3 for 5 on 3 pointers.  That’s an effective FG of 84.3%.  Enough said.  He was awful.

Gadzuric (-7.5)

In the words of Angelo Dundee, “You blew it son”.  You think Skiles will use him in the playoffs after that 4.5 minute debacle on Monday night??  No freakin chance!  In 4.5 minutes of action, he allowed his counterpart to produce 5 rebounds and 4 points.  How does that happen?  And he himself had a WS of -2.0.  Again, how does that happen?

Ilyasova (-8.5)

Just brutal.  He got slapped like a female dog.  He didn’t allow too bad an Opp WS (4.0), but he put up a 2 for 11 shooting night himself.  Very costly.  Remember, he recorded his -8.5 in only 20 minutes, so his game was actually far worse than Salmons.

Jennings (-7.5)

Jennings was victimized by his own unconscionable 8 for 23 shooting performance, and by the fact that Bibby lit him up.   Bad, bad.  He can handle Bibby and Teague.  What was the problem?  And he’s got to be better with either the assists or the effective scoring.  Lets not go back to December, Brandon.

K Thomas (-3.0)

He was okay.  Though at crucial moments he allowed Al Horford to simply dominate the boards and get second and third shots for the Hawks.  And he let the Hawks shoot 7 for 11 against him.  He gave up a +12.0 in 35 minutes, which is kind of bad.  That’s a 16.4, which is well above average for centers (12.5).  But he mitigated that gap by recording a respectable 12.3 himself.  Defense and accurate shooting have been his problem all season.  He can still rebound well. 

Ridnour (+3.0)

Ridnour’s defense was actually excellent.  He doused Bibby’s flame to the tune of 1-5.  And Bibby had lit up Jennings.  That’s unusual.  And he actually did a better job on Joe Johnson in his brief counterpart stint with him than Salmons had done.  His own production was okay, too.  Over 48 minutes it would have been an 8.4, well above average for a point/shooting guard.


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