I got Bogut dead on

This is a lot of luck, but if you notice I got my preseason prediction for Andrew Bogut’s final “Win Contribution” of +0.232 dead on.  (Here’s the Bucks’ Final Win Chart for 2009-10). 

Of course, he finished with fewer wins than I envisioned,  and the other numbers are not accurate, but I’m still weirdly proud of that WC prediction. 

As for the others, I came close with Gadzuric (prediction:  -0.032; actual: -0.040), which is no big whoop.  I was also generally right about Moute, Warrick, Bell, and I think I said Stackhouse would be a -0.6 MWS contributor when he joined the Bucks.  I’ll check.  EDIT:  (Here is the post… pretty accurate, but it was based on a lot of evidence).

The ones I got wrong were the ones with no history.  Ilyasova, Jennings, Delfino, generally guys who were playing outside the NBA.

The one veteran surprise was Luke Ridnour.  What a season he had, totally unexpected.  Well, not totally, he had some similar seasons in Seattle.

I can’t say there were any major disappointments.  Kurt Thomas did not perform up to past levels, but he is old as dirt, and he provided some excellent backup center play. A position where its hard to find anything other than garbage.

Great season for the Bucks.  Excellent season.


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