Carlos Delfino needs to get it going manana

Remember the opening scene from Saving Private Ryan when the Tom Hanks character yells at those two GIs on Omaha Beach “Let’s get in the war!”  Well, someone needs to yell something like that to Bucks SF Carlos Delfino.  And quickly.

The Bucks are already missing their MVP Andrew Bogut.  That’s made it hard to win games.  But they have not even been competitive because they are also missing the usually valuable play they get from SF Carlos Delfino.

My Final Bucks Win Chart had him tabulated as the team’s second most valuable player behind Bogut.  So far against Atlanta he’s been the teams’ “Most Harmful Player”.  That’s quite a swing. 

I did a Reverse Boxscore for both Game One and Game Two.  I didn’t publish Game Two because I was so disgusted.  But the long and short of that one was that no one except bench players Jerry Stackhouse, Dan Gadzuric, and Luke Ridnour played well.  Ilyasova played to a standoff, and the rest of the team, particularly the starting five for Milwaukee, got destroyed. 

This was the second game in a row in which the Bullfighter was destroyed.  In two games, Delfino has produced a grand total of 2.0 Win Score efficiency points for the Bucks while his counterpart opponent has produced a grand total of 19.5.  And Delfino has only played 54 minutes.  That is a beatdown of monstrous proportions right there.

It gets a little worse.  The normally stout defending Delfino has allowed, if my “reverse” numbers are accurate, his counterpart opponents to make 13 out of 19 field goal attempts, including 1-for-4 on three pointers.  That’s just no good.   That’s an effective field goal percentage of around 71%. Those are “Villanova vs. Georgetown” numbers.

The Bucks are going to lose this series against Atlanta.  It would take a “Pepsi into Coke” miracle to prevent that.  It probably won’t happen.  The question is “How will the Bucks go out?”  Whether the Bucks lose like men or like mice is probably up to Carlos Delfino.  He needs to step his game up from minute one tomorrow at the Bradley Center.

Make that second one.


One Response to “Carlos Delfino needs to get it going manana”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    I figure one thing, the Hawks played the first two games like their lives depended on getting the sweep. I didn’t like the Bucks’ chances in this series, but the playoffs aren’t exactly the best time to take halves off. As they’ve found out the hard way.

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