Dwight Howard 2009-10 NBA MVP (Courtside Analyst)

Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said Cleveland F LeBron James could win the NBA MVP award every season he plays.  Ironically, in the three seasons in which I’ve been using Marginal Win Score to tabulate the most valuable pro basketball player in terms of wins produced for his team, I have recognized Van Gundy’s own Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard once and now twice. 

Here are the Top 3 finishers for the 2009-10 NBA season. 


In fact, I’ll bet Dwight Howard is the one who could win NBA MVP awards for as long as he played, or until another legitimate center comes along who can give him competition. (I think that may actually be Greg Oden if he can ever stay healthy).

The pleasant surprise this season was the emergence of Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant as the runner-up.  What a turnaround this guy has had in the past three seasons, at least from MWS48 perspective. 

If you remember, in his rookie season he was actually on my NBA 20 “Most Harmful” list.  Of course, he was playing way out of position that season, lining up as a shooting guard.  Once he got moved to his proper position of small forward, his career has taken off. 

Last season, Durant won 8.8 games for the Thunder.  Pretty good.  This season he was outstanding.  This season Durant won 16.7 games for the Thunder.  Awesome, awesome season.   Because of the minutes he played (over 3200) and the production he maintained over those minutes, its unlikely he will have too many seasons better than the one he had this season.  Those minutes helped him narrowly edge out last season’s Marginal Win Score NBA MVP King James for runner up.

LeBron James was excellent once again, he simply wasn’t “Uberawesome” like he was two seasons ago.  In particular, James rebounding numbers and scoring efficiency were down slightly.   Still, excellent season for the King.

But what can you say about Dwight Howard?   When will analysts and pundits recognize his truly awesome value to the Orlando Magic?  Yes, there are plenty of things he cannot do.  But what he does, and does very well, is win basketball games by being incredibly productive and incredibly efficient.

As I said, the only center on the horizon who will be able to compete with Howard in terms of wins produced would be Portland’s Greg Oden, and that’s presuming Oden will ever be truly healthy.

I will have a complete “20 most valuable” list much later on.


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