Bustin out my faded 1974 Oscar Robertson jersey

Remember about twelve thirteen years ago when the NBA was celebrating its 50th Anniversary it sold various vintage jerseys in replica form?  I picked up the Milwaukee Bucks #1 1974 road jersey, Oscar Robertson.

I put it on for Game 3 tonight ( over a long sleeve shirt so I don’t look like a complete tool).

But this thing is completely in tatters.  The hunter green is faded, the red lettering is almost gone.  Remember, its a replica, its not even authentic.  I don’t know what’s holding it together.  I should give it a Viking funeral, but I’ve never seen this particular jersey sold in any other form, authentic or otherwise, so I refuse to get rid of it.

Lets hope the Big O can bring the Bucks a big win.



3 Responses to “Bustin out my faded 1974 Oscar Robertson jersey”

  1. Blake Says:

    The Bradley Center is FIRED UP tonight! I’m loving this, sold out too.

    These playoffs are really going to help out our money situation, the ticket sales are valuable to us.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    Yes indeed. Good first half for the White team. What’s with everyone waving red towels? That’s Atlanta’s main color.

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