Game 3 Post: Coolest Commercial since Nike’s Revolution

Well there was no surge.  The Bucks are playing well.  Why are 3 point shots so home dependent?

The Bucks now have a chance to make this series competitive.  Game Four will have forty times the intensity.  That one will come down to the buzzer.

…  Have you seen the new Gatorade commercial for their energy pack?  That is fucking cool.  That’s the best montage commercial since the old Nike commercial with the Beatles upbeat version of Revolution (not the one from the White Album).  Its obviously made in the spirit of that classic commercial. (If memory serves, the commercial was short-lived because Paul McCartney or one of the Beatles objected to the commercialism.)

I particularly love the quick cut to Muhammad Ali doing the Ali Shuffle.

Does anyone know what that little bluesy tune is they use for the jingle?


One Response to “Game 3 Post: Coolest Commercial since Nike’s Revolution”

  1. Blake Says:

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw that commercial, it’s one of the few that get my attention. I’ll have to listen to the song again to figure out who it is though.

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