Watch out for Hawks surge to start 3rd Q

Right now the Atlanta Hawks are disgracing themselves with one of the worst playoff efforts I have seen since… the Hawks in the first round last season.

I predict they will get “what for” in the locker room and come out with a surge that will cut the game to within at least five.

If the Bucks can survive that and push back, the Hawks will go away and concentrate on Game Four.

… By rights, the Bucks should have them buried already.

… The Hawks block a lot of shots, but that’s not the same as “guarding the cup”.  The Hawks are a poor team at defending the rim, and we’ve seen that tonight.

… Way too many loose possessions for the Bucks at the end of the half.  What the hell was that turnaround shot from the foul line by Stackhouse?  He almost broke the backboard.  Stupid.


One Response to “Watch out for Hawks surge to start 3rd Q”

  1. Blake Says:

    I love how we didn’t let up, we are now up 84-61 and the Hawks have no idea what to do.

    And I’m not sure if you noticed, but Skiles must have talked to Gadzuric; the guy isn’t trying to shoot jumpers anymore. All he has been doing is playing defense and rebounding the whole game, and man has he been good for us! It’s nice to have a big 7 footer down in the post getting rebounds, it’ been weeks since we’ve had one.

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