…and we still haven’t heard from Delfino

The Bucks could do something in this first round series with the Atlanta Hawks.  Whether they do or not rests on one man’s shoulders.  Carlos Delfino.

Delfino was the Milwaukee Bucks second most valuable player this season.  The rise in his level of play after New Year’s Day almost exactly coincided with the general rise in the Milwaukee Bucks play as a whole.

Yet we have hardly heard bubkus from him in the first three games of the opening round series.  He has done nothing. 

If he can get it going, imagine the possibilities.

At a minimum, he MUST make the Hawks pay anytime they use Mike Bibby to defend him.  i was getting so frustrated with that situation last night.  Delfino was hanging around the 3 point line despite having a much smaller man defending him.  He has to get closer to the basket.  He cannot allow Atlanta to use that particular matchup successfully.

I think he probably won his confrontation with Atlanta SF Marvin Williams last night.  But he must win decisively, and he can win decisively.  And like I wrote above, think of the possibilities for the Milwaukee Bucks if he does.


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