What if Kevin Durant lifted weights?

Kevin Durant is one of the most mesmerizing, freakish basketball players I’ve ever seen.

He combines the effective height of Kareem Abdul Jabbar with the skills of Glen Rice.  Its so odd watching him play, and I can’t put my finger on why.  Its like he’s completely out of position.  He’s like 6 inches taller and way longer than anyone who attempts to guard him, and he’s so awkward and gangly trying to defend his position.

Watching Durant last night I couldn’t help thinking how unstoppable he could be if he simply got stronger.  Could you imagine?  How could you stop him?  Who would you defend him with?

Right now defenders can get physical with him and knock him off balance.  Imagine if they could not.  That’s scary to imagine.

But how long can he last as a seven footer on the perimeter?  Sooner or later he almost has to get stronger because his joints will force him to play a more immobile game.  (See for example, Kevin Garnett)


4 Responses to “What if Kevin Durant lifted weights?”

  1. palamida Says:

    U know what that made me think of?
    Do u recall all the talk after the measurements about Durant not being able to Bench 180 a single time?
    *needs to get stronger otherwise he’ll be a bust*
    *that’s a sure sign his game won’t translate to the next level*
    One guy even went as far as compiling that ludicrous YouTube video (if any1 knows what i’m talking about).
    All I could think about was: “wait a second, if he’s so weak how come he was so dominating?”
    it took a little while but sure as rain, KD , still thin as a rail is dominating at the NBA level: Can’t jump, Can’t bench the only thing he really knows how to do is play ball. Very well.
    I was subjectively amazed by he’s play this season. Every time I watched him play it was just like u said: he seems so long it’s almost unfair and yet to eye it’s always awkward something’s never right ; but hey – u don’t get extra points for beauty, u get points when u put it up and in and the Lanky KD knows a thing or two about that.

  2. Kid A Says:

    Maybe you’re right, I don’t doubt that he’ll go the weight route (much the same way Dirk did back in the day) so he can post up and be even more effective… but he’s not even 22 yet, and he’s 7 feet tall… tough to blame him for not being able to put on weight.

  3. chappy Says:

    if durant put on too much weight he’d lose a lot of his agility, and his deceptive speed is a big factor in getting him free off those screens and to the rim. he does need to put on weight and more of a post up game would be delightful, but him being so nimble and quick for someone so tall and long is part of what makes him an offensive juggernaut right now

  4. Rem Says:

    Yeah, since you made the comparison to Kareem I thought you should know: Kareem – 7’2″ 225 lbs… Kevin – 6’10” 230 lbs (not a 7 footer)… He’s a bit of a throwback to an older generation where guys coming in the league had been playing tons of basketball to prepare them, not spending their entire youth in the weight-room. Durant mostly worked on conditioning and shooting. Bill Russell was also 6’10” and probably never got heavier than Kevin is now (came into the league under 220)… obviously in today’s game he’s undersized to play at the 4 or 5 spot as they want everyone to be 240+, but as he’s staying out on the wing he should be fine, he obviously has the skill to play the 3 spot… as for his joints breaking down, kevin garnett isn’t a fair comparison as he’s 2 1/2 to 3 inches taller, and personally I’d be more worried about lebron james slowing down than Durant (Lebron came into the league 6’8″ 245 lbs, he’s now 270 lbs… heavier than Dwight Howard whose 6’10” 265 lbs and entered the league 240 lbs)… Lebron is a dominating mostly because he’s so quick for a guy whose so strong and gets most of his points by bulldozing his way inside, but having such a heavy body will cause him to lose a step sooner or later (more than the much lighter Durant), and when that happens I think it will be quite obvious that Durant is the better shooter from outside. Lebron will be forced to slim down. Also, It just might be that Durant is starting a trend, 2 guys to watch in march madness this year will be John Henson and Anthony Davis… both being 6’10” 220 lbs and future lottery picks.

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