Monster Game 4

Tonight is the official “Are these Bucks for Real?” game in the playoff series between Milwaukee and Atlanta.  Game 3 was nice, but it was just for show.  Anyone can win a Game 3 when you are down 0-2, especially against a mentally weak team like Atlanta.  The wheat and chaff separate at Game 4.

Tonight the Hawks will bring it.  The Bucks better be ready.  The Bradley Center crowd better be ready.  I expect an absolute war (metaphorically).

If the Bucks are to win that metaphorical war, they need Carlos Delfino to win his position… badly.  He is one of their primary performers, he must show up.

The team also needs more balanced scoring.  They cannot expect another 9-for-11 performance out of John Salmons either.   Brandon Jennings could be the man in that regard.  He’s had an exceptional series so far.  A big Game 4 would really help Milwaukee’s cause.


7 Responses to “Monster Game 4”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Oh yeah… Welcome to Milwaukee, where we will smash your team bus with a Cadillac after your shootaround! That’s taking it to another level. Sounds like everyone is okay, so that’s awesome.

  2. Blake Says:

    If Stackhouse doesn’t shoot as much tonight, but attacks the basket and gets to the line like he did last game; he can make a big contribution.

  3. Blake Says:

    Delfino lookin strong early on, loving the boos I’m hearing every time Josh Smith gets the ball too.

    Jennings has been solid on the offensive end, but he NEEDS to guard Bibby on that 3-point line, hopefully Skiles can help him out with that with this timeout. At some points it seems like Jennings completely forgets about Bibby in that corner.

  4. Max Says:

    So, I think that counts as a monster game 4. How the heck did we outproduce the Hawks at center? Huge game for basically every noteworthy buck player. Especially Kurt Thomas and DanGadzuric (?) who completely dominated (wait really?) the Hawks at Center. And Delfino appeared to have read this post. And Salmons was huge, and Jennings’s offense was hug, though there were some indiscretions on defense. I love this team so much that I havent even had a chance to think about how scary they’re gonna be next year. I’m euphorically rambling so I’ll stop.

  5. Dan Says:

    Delfino needs to step up…check

    Another scorer besides Salmons, perhaps Jennings…check

    Bradley Center crowd needs to bring it…check

    Bucks need to bring it…check

    Hawks mentally weak…check

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