“…a spectacular comeback!!” and a spectacular radio call

I am ashamed to admit I was working last night and had to miss one of the great victories in Milwaukee Bucks history.   But I caught the audio by Ted Davis of the key moments.  It was a “where you when” moment.

As it turned out I was in Milwaukee last night.  I finished and was leaving downtown when I turned on WTMJ to see if the game was still on (it was somewhere around 9:30 pm, so I questioned whether it would be, because of Eastern time.  As Coach Skiles pointed out afterward, it was literally a long game).

At any rate, and I shit you not, as I turned on the game I was near the Bradley Center turning to get on 43 north through the tunnel.  As I was at the stoplight there to take a left into the tunnel, Joe Johnson hit a three point shot to put the Bucks down by 9.

“Well, down by 9, its probably going to take a perfect effort from here by the Bucks, and some help from the Atlanta Hawks.”

That’s how Ted Davis described things to me, literally, after I turned the radio on.  Mentally I was trying to calculate the Bucks probability of winning.  It wasn’t high. I knew Davis was right.  The Bucks had to play perfect, and the Hawks had to play hapless.  Thankfully, both things happened.  

As I emerged from the tunnel onto 43, Bucks G John Salmons went on a personal 5 point run, I believe, to cut the game to four points before I even reached Locust Avenue.  From that moment on, it was like a string of classic Ted Davis calls:

“Jennings up with it.  He GOT IT!!”

“Free throw up annnnnnnddddd… GOOOD!!”

“Smith up for the layup, THOMAS STRIPPED IT!!  WHAT A PLAY BY THOMAS!!”


“Shot by Jennings no good… ILYASOVA TRACKS IT DOWN… in to the corner for Delfino… up with a THREE… GOTTTTT ITTTTTT!!  DEL-THREE-NO!!”

In the midst of that he had one annoying “Wayne Larivee” moment when he insisted that the Al Horford three point shot would be overturned, which of course he was looking at through Green and Cardinal glasses.  (Larivee, the Packers announcer constantly insists replays will go the Packers way for certain when they do not).

But that aside, everything built to a crescendo that finally hit with Davis’ call:

“Jennings with the rebound… THIS THING IS OVER… a spectacular comeback by the Milwaukee Bucks!!”

I may have missed one of the great moments in Bucks history, but thanks to Ted Davis, the legendary voice of your Milwaukee Bucks, I was treated to ten minutes of the best radio basketball call I ever heard.

By the way, thanks to the construction on Northbound 43, the Bucks went from nine down to the win before I even got past Brown Deer Road.  Can’t have it all!!

Way to go Bucks!!!!


One Response to ““…a spectacular comeback!!” and a spectacular radio call”

  1. Dan Says:

    I live in Atlanta after having grown up in Milwaukee, so needless to say, these wins are a little more fun for me. My brother came over to watch the game (fortunately, since he moved down here, I’m not the only Bucks fan in the ATL) and during those last few minutes, we were on our feet, goes nuts as quietly as possible so as not to wake up my kids.

    It was one of those games where we just couldn’t believe what we were watching as the Bucks pulled closer and closer, then pulled ahead, and then stayed ahead. It was just so strange.

    It’s not over, though. I have no doubt that the Hawks are capable of winning in Milwaukee, despite their road woes. Hopefully the Bucks won’t have to come back here again this season.

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