The Milwaukee Bucks history in Game 6s

“Game Six” has a special magic in Milwaukee Bucks lore, mainly because of the legendary Kareem Abdul Jabbar double overtime hook shot that forced Game 7 of the 1974 NBA Finals.  But the truth is, the Bucks have been just slightly better than even in Game 6s in their history, and they have only been break even at home.

The Bucks overall record in Game 6s in their illustrious 42 seasons is 7-6.  At the Milwaukee Arena and the Bradley Center, it is 4-4, including a loss in their last Game 6 appearance, at home in 2002-03 to the New Jersey Nets. 

So its been a mixed bag for the Antlers.   But its certainly held some of the great memories in Green and Cardinal, including the aforementioned Kareem sky hook to beat the Celtics, a victory over Larry Bird and the Celtics in the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals, and a memorable win by the “Light it Up, Light it Up!” Bucks over Allen Iverson and the Philadelphia Sixers in the 2001 Eastern Conference Finals. 

The Bucks are 1-2, though, in Game 6s in which they were trying to close out on their home floor.  What will tomorrow night add to the history?

Courtesy of, here is the tale of your Milwaukee Bucks in Game 6:

The Milwaukee Bucks in Game Six

1971-72 season:
Apr 22 1972
at Mil
LA Lakers 104, Milwaukee 100  
LAL 4-2 
1972-73 season:
 Apr 13 1973
at GS
Golden State 100, Milwaukee 86  
GS 4-2 
1973-74 season:
May 10 1974
at Bos
Milwaukee 102, Boston 101 (2OT)
tie 3-3 
1977-78 season:
Apr 30 1978
at Mil
Milwaukee 119, Denver 91  
tie 3-3 
1979-80 season:
Apr 18 1980
at Mil
Seattle 86, Milwaukee 85  
tie 3-3 
1980-81 season:
Apr 17 1981
at Mil
Milwaukee 109, Philadelphia 86  
tie 3-3 
1981-82 season:
 May 7 1982
at Mil
Philadelphia 102, Milwaukee 90  
Phi 4-2 
1983-84 season:
May 10 1984
at NJ
Milwaukee 98, New Jersey 97  
Mil 4-2 
1985-86 season:
May 9 1986
at Phi
Philadelphia 126, Milwaukee 108  
tie 3-3 
1986-87 season:
May 15 1987
at Mil
Milwaukee 121, Boston 111  
tie 3-3 
2000-01 season:
May 17 2001
at ChH
Milwaukee 104, Cha Hornets 97  
tie 3-3 
2000-01 season:
Jun 1 2001
at Mil
Milwaukee 110, Philadelphia 100  
tie 3-3 
2002-03 season:
May 1 2003
at Mil
New Jersey 113, Milwaukee 101  
NJ 4-2



4 Responses to “The Milwaukee Bucks history in Game 6s”

  1. Daybreak Doppler: Fear the Deer, Jeer the Beer « - A Wisconsin Sports Blog Says:

    […] Courtside Analyst provides a history in Milwaukee Bucks Game 6’s. […]

  2. Abe Jaroszewski Says:

    I had the pleasure of being at the game 6 in Charlotte in 2001. Talk about incredible.

  3. Josh Dhani Says:

    dammit theey lost

  4. palamida Says:

    Kicked the BUCKet.
    Srry u guys, had to go there.

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