The Birds have flown

Prior to being hung beheaded, King Charles I attempted to trap his Parliamentary plotters.  They were tipped off.  When he realized they escaped and he lost his chance to finish them off, he knew his fate was sealed. He famously said, “I see the birds have flown.”

Last night the Bucks had the Hawks in perfect position for the kill.  The Hawks got out of the net.  The Bucks could not finish them off in Milwaukee, and now the Hawks have flown back to safer ground in Atlanta.  It appears the Deer’s chances of advancing have become, once again, exceedingly long.

But in truth, a seventh game seemed inevitable.  I calculated each team’s Win Score average going into Game 6, and it was absolutely dead even.  Neither team had outplayed the other. 

And last night, truth be told, the better team emerged.  The Bucks really had to battle just to get into position to finish the Hawks off, especially without center Andrew Bogut.  Last night they just didn’t have enough firepower to get it done.

Here are the Win Contributions from last night:

Game 6 Bucks Win Contributions

1. Delfino…(+0.199)
2. Moute…(+0.150)
3. Stackhouse…(+0.000)
4. Ridnour…(-0.150)
5. Ilyasova…(-0.350)
6. Gadzuric…(-0.525)
7. Jennings…(-0.600)
8. Thomas…(-0.601)
9. Salmons…(-0.749) 

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