And Johnson has done nothing

As my Win Contribution chart from last night showed, its a misconception to suggest that Joe Johnson has been the Hawks most valuable player in this playoff series.   He has not been.  Its been primarily their two big men, Al Horford and Josh Smith.

In the first half of Game Seven that has been made manifest.  Joe Johnson has done basically zero, sleepwalking through the half.

Meanwhile Al Horford has simply destroyed the Milwaukee Bucks, turning 7 possessions into 12 points and grabbing an astounding 10 rebounds.

But perhaps Skiles found a key at the end of the second quarter when he inserted Primo Brezec into the game to defend Horford.  The Bucks were +6 with Brezec on the court.

Primo Brezec the answer??  What the hell is the question??

Oh well, any way at all, baby.


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