Tremendous season comes to an end

In the end, the Hawks just had too much for the Milwaukee Bucks.  They scratched, clawed, and fought, but size will nearly always win out in a seven game series, and it did in this one.  The Bucks got two more wins in this series than I thought they would, but couldn’t quite muster a closing win.

But that doesn’t take anything away from an outstanding season by the Milwaukee Bucks.  If the team can get another big body over the summer, and there are big bodies available in this summer’s draft, the team should be in excellent shape to contend next season — possibly for the Eastern Conference.

We shall see.  A larger retrospective will be forthcoming.


6 Responses to “Tremendous season comes to an end”

  1. Blake Says:

    Is there anyone who could have a Dejuan Blair like impact in this years draft?

  2. palamida Says:

    If by Blair you mean drafting a guy that projects like he did outside the 1st round – then no. Considering The Bucks pick just outside the lottery, I find it hard to believe a real stud will drop that low. This draft just isn’t deep enough.
    I think they’re best hopes lie with Hasan Whiteside dropping low enough, but as of now, most mocks put him in the late-lottery range. Whiteside is probably the fifth of sixth best prospect in this draft.
    Haven’t delved too deeply into the whole draft business but I imagine we’ll bring that subject once or twice during the summer :p

    I think the Bucks front office’s biggest decision this summer is resolving the SG situation. Naturally as Ty argued they need better backup at the Pf\C positions, but that shouldn’t be too hard to find. If you’re Hammond, what do you do with Redd\Salmons? How much do you offer Salmons? His value will surely be on the rise now. If you do retain him you simply HAVE to trade Redd at the deadline (and preferably before that, but I doubt they’ll be many takers before the deadline) . If the Bucks are looking to shore up their Wings through the draft I think the best player available to them would be James Anderson: not a “star” by any means, but he should be prove to be a useful rotation player on the cheap.
    I think Ty is going a little overboard with this whole “contending for the East” business, but I’ll address that some other time :p

    Blake, That’s my initial outlook on the Bucks best prospects in this draft.
    Not much hope past Whiteside. If he does slip as low as 15th The Bucks simply have to grab him. I suggest the Nickname Hasan Upside, all the way to the 2010 NBA draft – whose with me? 🙂

  3. palamida Says:

    Ty, I’d appreciate a response on my comment in “Bucks-Hawks ranking the series MVP so far”. The reason i’m pressing is that i’ve brought that issue up in the past (including an E-mail, a while back) and as I recall – never really got a response.

  4. Seattle Bucks Says:

    Mr. Analyst,

    Just want to say a quick thanks for providing your blog.

  5. palamida Says:

    Mr. Analyst had me on Rofl.

  6. palamida Says:

    I meant: Mr analyst had me Rofl. Have no idea how that “on” got “on” there.
    but seriously Ty, you’re doing a great job providing original insights, and that’s harder to come by that one would imagine.

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