The Celtic “surprise”

The Boston Celtics are all over the Orlando Magic, taking the first two games on the Magic’s home floor.

This seems somewhat stunning, but if you recall, until Kevin Garnett was hurt, the Celtics were consistently the number one power team on the Basketball Geek’s Power Rankings, which essentially utilize my old “Point Value over Average” methodology.  And, at midseason when I did my own Power Ranking utilizing “Relative Winning Percentages”, the Celtics ranked number two in the NBA, just a shade below the Cleveland Cavaliers.  So their overall strength, when healthy, should not be surprising in the least. 

Plus, if you recall my “Road Power Rankings” from midseason, the Boston Celtics were one of the NBA’s best road teams in 2009-10.

Reason three, Rashard Lewis, is, has been, and ever will be, severally overrated as a win producer.  As you will see when my NBA Win Charts come out for the 2009-10 season, he was a below average power forward.  Garnett and company are cutting him to ribbons.

Finally, the Celtics can bring the defense, something that seems to always trump offense and three point reliance in the playoffs.  The fact that they held the Magic to 10 assists on their homecourt in Game One was stunning to me.

That said, I’m almost certain Game Three will belong to the Orlando Magic.


3 Responses to “The Celtic “surprise””

  1. palamida Says:

    Ty, off topic but….
    The measurements are in!
    Cousins is frigging 9’5. And it gets better – so is Hassan Whiteside!
    I shit you not. Now you know you want him to drop low enough.

  2. palamida Says:

    Oh, and Wall is as big as advertised, 6’4 (shoes) with a reach of 8’5.5.
    Btw, Alabi and Jerome Jordan were both also measured at 9’5, that’s strange.

  3. Blake Says:

    Is Dwight to blame for some of these losses? It looks like he laid an egg in 2 of the 3 games…

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