Who to credit/blame for Game 2 of the NBA Finals

Using a statistic I call “Win Contribution“, which is based upon a player’s Marginal Win Score, I am charting the impact made on the outcome of each game by every participant in the 2010 NBA Finals.  This morning I calculated the Win Contributions made in last night’s Celtic Game 2 victory.  The list is displayed after my comments.

Comments on Game 2 

Last night in Game 2 Ray Allen went off in the first half, and had a solid win impact for the Celtics overall.  But he was not their most valuable player.  Their most valuable player was PG Rajon Rondo (the team’s MVP for the season).  Rondo had a game I will simply describe as spectacular.

But if I’m calling Rondo’s performance spectacular, what adjective can I find for the play of Pau Gasol?  Super-spectacular??? 

The Spaniard big man has completely dominated his Celtic counterparts through the first two games, and he did everything humanly possible to deliver a Game 2 win for his team and what would have been a commanding 2-0 lead for the Los Angeles Lakers.  He was so comparatively dominant, he actually turned in a better Game 2 than his sensational Game 1.  In fact, despite the outcome, Gasol was the game’s most valuable player. 

So those were the Stars of the Game (as they say in hockey).  But who had the largest negative win impact?  

That player is Laker SF Ron Artest.  He was God-awful last night.  Well, his defense on Pierce was okay, but even after you factor that in, his win impact still puts him at the bottom of the list.

The second worst impact was made by the Kobester.  He was solid in certain areas, but pretty inefficient overall.  Then when you add in the numbers Rondo generated while Kobe covered him, you come up with a very low number for #24.

But before we get to the Win Contribution list, I have to speak on the play of Kevin Garnett.  It has been brutal.  What is the matter with him?  He did absolutely nothing in two games.  He looked slow and clueless. At one point last night, he missed a wide open jump shot from the top of the key about a foot wide and to the left.  That was downright embarrassing.  Did they move the hoop on him? I mean, I thought my putting was off-target, but at least I can get the ball in the area code of the hole. 

Long term, Garnett better get it going.  I can’t see how the Celtics win four games getting negative contributions from him.  Maybe he will pick up his play in Boston.

1. Pau Gasol…….(+1.589)
2. Rajon Rondo…….(+1.179)
3. Ray Allen…….(+0.640)
4. Paul Pierce…….(+0.463)
5. Nate Robinson…….(+0.370)
6. Sasha Vujacic…….(+0.190)
7. Rasheed Wallace…….(+0.180)
8. Lamar Odom…….(+0.090)
9. Andrew Bynum…….(-0.149)
10. Jordan Farmar…….(-0.159)
11. Tony Allen…….(-0.160)
12. Shannon Brown…….(-0.160)
13. Derek Fisher…….(-0.359)
14. Kevin Garnett…….(-0.390)
15.  Kendrick Perkins…….(-0.400)
16. Kobe Bryant…….(-0.639)
17. Ron Artest…….(-0.838)

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