Now the Lakers are 82 lbs weaklings again

Very short post.

It never ceases to amaze me how the national basketball media, who seem to have absolutely no clue what ingredients constitute winning basketball games, can so blithely adjust their idiotic “story lines” to meet the needs of the day.

After Game One, all I heard was how “the Lakers learned from two years ago” and how their Game One victory was all about “new found Laker toughness” and how the Lakers had been pointing toward this series for two seasons.  Never mind that they won a World Championship in the meantime.  Oh noooo, that was meaningless, you see.  It was just a weigh station en route to their matchup with the Celtics.

Oh but now that the Celtics have momentary control of the series, the Lakers are suddenly back to being wimps!!!  The fact that this theory does not in any way square with any of the nonsense the basketball media has been cultivating up to this point bothers them NOT ONE BIT!!

Oh, and also, Kobe’s been doing EVERYTHING  for the Lakers up to this point, don’t cha know.  I mean, when are his Laker teammates going to show up?  Because, you know, it couldn’t have been Kobe’s fault that they lost 3 of the last four games!!  No way!! (Please notice the overwhelming sarcasm I laced the last paragraph with).

I’m going to puke…


2 Responses to “Now the Lakers are 82 lbs weaklings again”

  1. Blake Says:

    Kobe has been hogging the ball. I think he’s just trying to score a lot and when Finals MVP, but at this point it looks like they’re in trouble. I see the Celtics finishing the series in LA.

  2. Colin Says:

    Personally, I love the Derek Fisher fanboys (aka the media) that come out of the woodwork when he has one good quarter of shooting. You NEVER hear anything about him, good or bad, during the 90% of the time when he’s terrible.

    It makes sense that Fisher would get good looks in the 4th quarter of close games – defenses are going to worry about (and possibly double cover) Kobe and Gasol first. Any undersized combo guard with halfway decent shooting ability could do what Fisher does if he played for the Lakers.

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