One Game, One Chance, One Champion

What must the individual players on the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers be thinking right now?  You couldn’t have a more even matchup, as I outlined before the series began.  Now its 48 minutes (or more) to a title.  You bring it one time…  just one time… and that Golden Ball is yours to kiss.

What could they be thinking?  The pressure must be immense.  Not because of the moment, but because of the opportunity.  As I said, either team could win this thing.  Rarely do you have a one-off basketball game where the loser is guaranteed to walk away kicking himself in the ass.  For the rest of their lives, the losers of tonight’s epic game will lament “Those gaddamn 2010 Finals, that should have been ours!”

And look at the storylines.  The two high school pathfinders.  The two players who combined to basically revolutionize the pro draft and by extension college basketball.  They’re both getting old now.  Father Time is hanging outside the locker room, waiting for one or both to call it a day.  How many more looks at a Golden Ball Smooch will either guy have?  Will they ever meet again on this national stage?  I doubt it.  Its almost certainly a curtain call forGarnett, and Kobe’s slowed down as well.  They both must be thinking about that.  I guarantee they will both bring it tonight.

But one of them will walk away with their head pointed to the ground.  Its a shame.  But that’s the glory of sports.


3 Responses to “One Game, One Chance, One Champion”

  1. palamida Says:

    Sadly, the Perkins injury makes it incredibly tough for the Celtics to take this one.
    It’s a real shame.

  2. palamida Says:

    Off topic completely.
    did u catch the first wtf trade of this off-season?
    Dalambert for Nocioni and Hawes.
    Unreal stuff.
    Hawes is vastly inferior to Sammy D. (not to mention Hawes is injury prone).
    Nocioni while not being terrible, is on a terrible long term deal making him – a terrible NBA player, in essence.
    What does that say about the Sixers and Kings draft intentions?
    I have no idea.
    Unless the Sixers flip the incoming players, it’s rather odd…
    Why take on Noc’s hefty contract when you have Iggy and Turner already? I mean he’s been whining for months that he wants out – i.e -wants PT. He’s certainly not gonna get it there and if pick Turner…
    Perhaps they won’t take Turner after all? The same goes for the Kings:
    Dalambert, Cousins, Jason Thompson, Landry. that’s pretty loaded – at least one of them will have to play backup mins.
    Time will tell, Perhaps they’ll be more trades prior to the draft that would shed some light on their intentions.

  3. tywill33 Says:

    That is a baffling trade. Are they going to still draft Cousins? He may be the Aaron Rodgers of this year’s NBA Draft. If you don’t follow NFL Football, Rodgers was slated predraft to possibly be the number one pick, but was beaten out, inexplicably, by Alex Smith, and he fell all the way into the Green Bay Packers waiting arms at the 24th spot.

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