Did Dumars get his brain back?

After trading Chauncey Billups and then spending the savings on two volume scorers, I began to question whether Detroit Pistons General Manager Joe Dumars had anything to do with the brilliant construction of the 2003-04 World Champion Pistons.  It seemed like he reverted to “Ex-Player” moves the moment John Hammond left the fold (ex-player-GMs like Kevin McHale seem to love volume scorers.  They vastly overrate their ability to produce wins.  Larry Bird on the other hand seems to love white dudes).

But now I’ve heard several sources (“Pro Football Weekly and Basketball News”  and ESPN’s Andy Katz) report that Dumars is desperately trying to move up in this month’s NBA Draft to acquire the one player with elite potential — Kentucky C DeMarcus Cousins.  Its said that he wants to move in to the 5th spot, meaning probably he doesn’t expect Cousins to fall past sixth.

This would be a huge move for the Pistons.  Not a championship move, but a move in the right direction to erase the monster wrongs of last summer.


One Response to “Did Dumars get his brain back?”

  1. brgulker Says:

    We’ll know the answer to this question better if we don’t move up. My reasoning: Cousins is obviously the best big man in the draft, regardless of what evaluation tool one uses. We’ll be able to tell if his brain is back by whom he picks if we stay put at #7. If it’s Greg Monroe over Aldrich, or if we pass on Aldrich for someone else wit “upside,” we’ll have a better answer.

    Just my opinion, though. Maybe Aldrich will be a bust.

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