Laker fan gets in good “1971” burn

A Lakers fan named Alby got a good burn in on me and BucksNation in the Comments section.  I must recognize and acknowledge.  (you must acknowledge a good burn).

You can read it for yourself, but in essence, all it had to say was “1971”.

Bucks fans, do you realize that is now a decade longer than the gap between the Packers Lombardi championships and their Holmgren championship?

The depressing thing is there’s no real hope at the moment that the interlude will end soon.  Although, if Thursday’s Game 7 should have taught anything its that “Scotty Ball” defense is a far more important ingredient in winning a championship than having a “superstar”. 

In fact, Kobe nearly shot the Lakers right out of a championship.


2 Responses to “Laker fan gets in good “1971” burn”

  1. Alvy Says:

    No way, I really didn’t try to “burn” anyone. I didn’t try to point of disparities between franchises, players, fans, etc. What I was meaning to say was, while the Lakers championship didn’t necessary mean anything to you, a Bucks fan, it certainly doesn’t mean that an NBA championship, in general, is meaningless or trivial. Seeing Gasol or Fisher cry a little after the win, or hearing that Rondo said he will probably never go to the finals again with the Big Three… it all meant something to me. So, I guess I was a little offended that you’d seemingly belittle a championship to the point of mocking what it means to people in particular. That is why I mentioned, If today was 1971, you probably wouldn’t find the winner arbitrary.

    • tywill33 Says:


      No worries!! I was having fun.

      BTW, sorry for referring to you as Alby! You join a long and distinguished list. A couple of posts back I referred to John Wall as “John Walls”; I once referred to Travis Outlaw as “Bo” Outlaw; I once called Brendan Haywood “Spencer” Haywood (that was a beaut… their careers are only 30 years apart).

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