The NBA Win Resume of Manute Bol

In remembrance of the great humanitarian and lovable NBA personality Manute Bol, I quickly calculated his career Win Resume.  You can see it by clicking here.

Manute had a career winning percentage of .309%.  His best seasons were his first three seasons as a Washington Bullet.  In those years he produced wins at just below a .500% clip.  His ability and productivity began to decline  shortly after he was traded to the Golden State Warriors, a team that didn’t emphasize defense (to put it kindly).

He got back some of his luster in his first season with Charles Barkley and the Sixers, but never got back to the peak he left behind in the nation’s capital.

Manute ended his career in 1993, having produced 14.7 wins and 32.8 losses (’s “Win Shares” credit Bol with producing 12.5 wins over the same period).  That’s not a shameful resume to leave behind.

Of course many would argue his biggest wins came after his career finished, when he repeatedly put his life in danger trying desperately to bring relief to his ravaged homeland of Sudan.

Those are wins that live on forever.


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