Bucks looking at acquiring Corey Maggette?

Yesterday I was thinking that the expiring contracts of Dan Gadzuric and Michael Redd could bring talent to the Bucks, if the Bucks were willing to move them. 

Now Gary Woelfel of the Racine Times is suggesting the Bucks are indeed willing to move them.  The Bucks apparently are shopping Redd’s monster number and they have offered Gadzuric and SG Charlie Bell to the Warriors in exchange for SF/PF Corey Maggette.

This is all very good news for Bucks fans.  Not only are the Bucks aggressively trying to improve, it appears they have their eyes on decent players, if Maggette is a representative sample.

Maggette isn’t going to set the Earth on fire, but he’s certainly an improvement over the players the Bucks would be giving up. 

I have Maggette producing around .500% in two seasons with the Warriors, and slightly better in the one season of his with the Clippers that I analyzed, 2007-08.  In that season, by my calculation, he had a winning percentage of .634%, so it might be that the Warriors system doesn’t agree with him.

Plus he’s the physical kind of player that might thrive under Scott Skiles.  And he would have to be an upgrade over the aforementioned stiffs.

But at this point its all rumor and speculation.  We are entering the silly season.


24 Responses to “Bucks looking at acquiring Corey Maggette?”

  1. Blake Says:

    Yeah I saw that too last night and looked it up on the win score page, the only thing that scares me is that some of the other fans are saying Maggette would play the 2 if we don’t get Salmons back, or even possibly start over Delfino.

  2. Blake Says:

    It’s a done deal Ty, Maggette is a Buck.

    Some fans are mad but I think it’ll turn out to be a solid move.

  3. Colin Says:

    I do like Maggette, but I’m really hoping this ends up with the Bucks trading him again for Andre Iguodala.

  4. palamida Says:

    So after B. Diddy, bolts the Warriors sign Maggette as a FA to a questionable contract,and now, two years later they find a taker for that contract?

    I don’t see why you guys are pleased with that move.
    Sure , Maggette is halfway decent, but giving up their best asset (the expiring contracts I mean) to get an overpriced swingman, whose turning 31 and usually plays around 65-70 games a season? (meaning, injury prone).
    That’s a 10m contract that runs through 2012-2013…
    Can’t really see the upside here….

    Ty, you think it’s a solid move because of the added production, meaning – you’re giving up nothing and getting a productive player; Where is he going to play? SG? SF? some PF?
    Salmons could probably be had for less and he knows the system\thrived in it, not to mention he’s younger and healthier.
    For some reason I can’t seem to picture Maggette happy about this move. I think Salmons would have been much more content playing for the Bucks than Maggette will be, but that’s just guesswork.

    forget Salmons – Redd isn’t going to be there long term, that’s obvious, but in the meantime, until he is traded, it’ll be hard to bring him off the bench.
    That probably makes Delfino a sixth man. pure speculation here, but still…
    I don’t like this move one bit for the Bucks.
    It isn’t about losing nothing and gaining something. The loss, occurs when you compare this move to other moves that could have been made instead.
    Those contracts could easily have netted much much more than an aging Maggette at 10m per year.
    In summation, maybe you get a few extra wins a year, but serious prospects of contention have just gotten a lot slimmer.
    That’s just one man’s opinion.

    • Colin Says:

      I definitely get your concern, but I have to assume that the Bucks feel that this is the best possible return we could have gotten for those contracts. I don’t think signing Maggette as a FA for 3 years/$15m would be that bad, and this is basically the same thing.

      Also, keep in mind that from our perspective, this may turn out more like a 2 year + team option. That $11m expiring contract will have some value in two years, and we should be able to trade Maggette for something decent, even if he totally sucks by then.

  5. palamida Says:

    Also on a sidenote, drafting Hayward is kinda out of the picture now, wouldn’t you say?

  6. Houston Says:

    Before having Salmons on the Bucks last year, I would have said that Salmons and Maggette were comparable players. That may still be true, based on all the numbers and assuming Salmons over-performed for the Bucks last year.

    So we don’t overpay for Salmons and instead are tied into 3 yrs of Mags, a comparable player, for 30 mil. BUT… we get rid of 15 mil in dead weight contracts, so the net cost is only 15 mil. Instead of 30 mil for 4 years of Salmons. That seems like a good move.

    AND we pick up the #44 pick in a deep draft. Anyone have any ideas for using our 3 second rounders? Any chance we trade up in the first round?

    • Blake Says:

      I have a strange feeling we’re going to trade up to grab Henry. He’d be a perfect fit for the team. And the coaching staff seems to love him.

  7. palamida Says:

    Blake, for your sake I hope you don’t trade up to grab Henry.
    Houston – it’s the opposite of dead weight: Those contracts are a valued commodity throughout the league. Take a team like Miami for instance, Miami would throw you Chalmers and Beasley for those contracts probably and if you ask nicely and give them a draft pick + cash they’ll probably throw in Beasley as well. :p sure, that’s a slight exaggeration – but you get my point…
    valued assets (I know, we’re speaking of Gad and Bell, lol, I know) do not by any means equal dead weight.

    Corey Maggette’s biography chapter 9: “From 0 to 90 in a single phone call or how I went from playing for D. Nelson to playing for Skiles”
    I would read that chapter!

  8. palamida Says:

    As for 2nd rounders: Varnado and Booker can probably fall low enough and I would grab both as 2nd rounders without blinking. Varnado we discussed at length in the past, and Booker, while being a senior (never a good thing), and certainly not a “star” by any definition can do for the Bucks the same thing Varnado can – be productive right now!

    btw, Ty this is like my 100th time typing his name here but one last time….(or until he gets a post :p)
    Hassan Whiteside!
    Draftexpress mock has him as low as 23rd (wtf). I really do believe he’s one of the better prospects in this draft, and I don’t mean relatively to where he’s projected to be picked – I mean literally: – one of the best prospects – he will be a huge win producer (not sure how long it’ll take him though). Grabbing him at 14th is just unimaginable value.
    It’s like getting Lawson at 18th- Pure gold.
    His floor is perhaps lower than Lawson’s as he has less of a proven track record, but if ever was a right time to draft on “upside”, this is probably it.

    • Houston Says:

      Agreed that the expiring deals are valuable. But for anyone to pick them up, we have to take back longer term contracts. While we may have been better off to wait and shop around, I trust that Hammonds has been doing plenty of that in the past few weeks and this was the best we could get.

      I like your thinking with both Booker and Varnado. Solid guys who can eventually contribute if not right away. But not so sure Hassan Whiteside is a risk that we can afford right now. I have seen nothing but the highlight films and don’t claim to have a feel for who he is or will become. But everything I read says “raw, developmental prospect”.
      After trading away Gadzuric, we need a big who can come in and contribute right away. Udoh, Patterson (in our dreams, or if we trade up), Aldrich.

    • tywill33 Says:

      What’s your call? Who do you have the Bucks taking, or who do you want them to take?

      • Houston Says:

        Well, we CAN’T go into next year with Bogut, Ersan, Luc and 2nd round rookies as our only options at PF and C.

        Love to see Patterson fall to the Bucks somehow!!! He seems impressive in interviews and maturity, as well as being physically ideal for PF position (note: somehow listed at 6’8″/220 and got the rep for being undersized… then was measured at 6’9″/240 without an ounce of fat). Haven’t seen a Win metric of his college production, but I suspect it was pretty good due to shooting almost 60%.

        Of the guys we could get, Patterson is pretty clearly the most ready to contribute in the NBA at power forward. But somebody else has to be seeing the same thing… right? Can’t believe he would drop to the 10th pick, much less 15th.

        So unless the Bucks pull off a trade up with their plethora of 2nd rounders, we are looking at Larry Sanders, or whoever drops out of the higher rated big men (Ekpe Udoh, Ed Davis, Cole Aldrich). Of these guys, I think Udoh and Davis would be mistakes. Not convinced either guy is ready to be a good NBA contributor. Aldrich would definitely be a part of the rotation next year. But it sounds like Sanders has better long term potential and may even be able to contribute right away as a shot blocker/rebounder off the bench.

        Well, that’s a long winded way to say that I want:

        Patterson if available
        Aldrich as a second option
        Sanders as Plan C, but could be sold on Sanders over Aldrich.

  9. Blake Says:


    Bucks are in serious talks with Nets to obtain Chris Douglas-Roberts.
    He had a solid rookie year but sucked this year, how would you feel about the young depth?

  10. palamida Says:

    Houston, I think you’re way off the mark.
    I’ll gloss over a few of the prospect you mentioned:

    Patterson is not a very good prospect. I’d never even consider picking him in the lottery: Yes he shot 57.5% from the field but he’s a poor rebounder, shot blocker, and offers nothing else in the way of creating net possessions for his team.
    Seeing as he’s a junior, he’s really way behind as a prospect than any PF you should ever pick in the lottery, even if he is “mature” :p.
    The only caveat here is that he played on a roster filled with NBA talent (Cousins, Wall and even Orton). His Soph numbers were promising so perhaps he did suffer from playing in that situation, meaning – he suffered from diminishing returns. Maybe… Idk, but there’s better options out there anyways :p

    If one is after immediate help I would actually go with one of the seniors – Booker or Damion Jones. Both are projected considerably lower than 15h so perhaps it’s prudent to trade down or what have you. Both players will not light the NBA on fire but would be excellent coming of the bench for a playoff team – right now! Needless to say – if he falls to you guys… Whiteside Whiteside Whiteside :p

    As for Aldrich, he’s just a great prospect. No way he’ll fall that low anyways, but Aldrich as a second option to Patterson is, well… not prudent 🙂

    Now for Sanders:
    Sanders is kind of a hit or miss guy (without doing any extensive work, sorry but that’s all i’m willing to commit to).
    VCU? If it takes you three seasons to produce a great season at VCU, and even then, it’s only a very good season, not a great one, not a truly dominating one, all the while playing just under 27 mpg… then grabbing you at 15 is probably a reach. Not many players who failed to really dominate by the time they were Juniors ever went on to be truly elite players.
    On the bright side, he certainly has the size (SR at 9’4, which means he can probably take some center mins), and well… he did have a nice breakout season, so some potential is certainly there. Is it enough potential to justify a late lottery pick? I doubt it.

    Ed Davis: I don’t know what’s your beef with him; 1.) he’ll never drop that low (and probably won’t get past Utah at 9) 2.) there’s no reason why he should!
    He’s done all a prospect can do: He had a great freshman season playing a secondary role for an elite program and he followed that up by having an even better campaign as a soph with an increased role to boot. That’s about all you expect from a good, solid prospect. iirc he’s dealt with some injuries this season.
    You say that you’re not convinced he’s a “real NBA producer” – what makes you think that? me thinks he’s the very picture of a player very likely to be a very good, and very real NBA producer.

    Last but not least (for today) – Udoh. He’s just overrated anyway you look at it.
    If he does fall that low, the Bucks must pass on him (or nab him for trade value). Personally i’m not sure I would even draft him in the 2nd round: Yes, his junior campaign was halfway decent but the man is frigging 23 yrs old. There’s just no way he’ll ever be more than an average NBA player and even that would be a very optimistic projection. if he goes as high as the mocks peg him, expect a visit to the D-league sooner rather than later.
    Adios for now, and Ty, get comfy and be online tomorrow – maybe all the regs will do a live commenting sort of thing as the draft rolls on?
    I mean for the most part the draft is the land of boredom, I think if a couple of us
    chit chat here in the comment section, it can surely spruce things up a bit…
    Me thinks wrong?
    After all seeing the next Shaq fall all the way to 5 is nothing to sneeze at, but half the fun with no one to share :p

  11. palamida Says:

    Lol, watching the draft, tell me the Warriors didn’t just do that?

  12. palamida Says:

    Bucks coming up: Houston made the mistake of taking Patterson.
    Lots of options – Babbit and Whiteside still on the board, either one would be a steal at 15.

  13. palamida Says:

    Sam Presti is a genius! Aldrich? that’s unreal stuff. Real wizardry in a very dreary NBA decision making desert.

  14. palamida Says:

    Doing this live thing by myself, feels weird, but also weirdly cool…
    Man the Clippers and Gsw are being managed by clowns….
    Udoh and Aminu? really? 6&8?

  15. palamida Says:

    Sanders, Looks like Houston got his wish (well… kind of).
    I cannot fathom the fact that 15 teams have now passed on Whiteside.
    Who is going to stumble on wins?

  16. palamida Says:

    If you’re gonna take Sanders 15h, at least trade down…Mr. Hammond?

  17. palamida Says:

    Ford reports that the T-Wolves will send Babbit to the Trailblazers for Frigging Martel Webster… And Pritchard just got fired :p
    just surreal….

  18. Very Early Bucks win estimate: 46.4 wins « Courtside Analyst Says:

    […] Maggette’s win production has been in decline over the last four seasons, as I outlined on the day the Bucks  acquired him.  My gut tells me that he will be able to arrest that decline and turn his production slightly […]

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