More evidence against PG John Wall

It continues to baffle me that Kentucky PG John Wall is considered “head and shoulders” above the rest of the NBA Draft field.  What makes him so special?

Its certainly not his ability to knock down a jump shot. now provides shot selection breakdowns for NCAA players.

According to their data, John Wall is near the bottom of SEC point guards in terms of 2 point jump shooting, at a woeful 30.4%.  And he is just in the middle of the SEC point guard pack when it comes to 3 point jump shooting, with an eFG% of 49.0%. 

That gives him an overall collegiate jump shooting eFG% of 38.9%.  Compare that to the NBA eFG% of notorious PG bricklayer, TJ Ford.  Ford’s jump shot eFG last season, according to 82games, is 40.6%.  And that was good enough to get him run out of a starting job in Indiana (in fairness, as a rookie Ford was at 33.5%, but those of course are NBA numbers, not college numbers).

Rajon Rondo is also accused of having a piss poor jump shot.  His jump shot eFG% is just behind Wall’s at 37.4%.  Again, pro versus college numbers.

So Wall’s “special talent” clearly isn’t converting jump shots into points.

What about Wall’s finishing skills?  Is that where his excellence lies?  Not really.  He’s decent on inside shots, successfully converting 57.1%.  But that is, again, only middle of the pack for point guards in his conference.  And most of the other point guards in his conference will never sniff the NBA.

My point is, what exactly distinguishes Wall and makes him worthy of such exalted status?  I continue to be baffled.


3 Responses to “More evidence against PG John Wall”

  1. Blake Says:

    The more and more I look at it the more I see him as not living up to his crazy hype. I’ve heard people say it’s because of his “insane athleticism” or “top 3 PG potential”. I even heard someone say he was a great player because he “put up points and because of that helped his team win games”. All of the numbers you posted were valid and show why Wall doesn’t deserve to be the first overall pick. I don’t think he lives up to his pick.

    • tywill33 Says:

      I just don’t get why he was anointed so quickly and decisively as the number one pick ahead of arguably much better talent like Evan Turner. What has he done to justify that?

      Although I guess Derrick Rose was similarly anointed with a similar background, but I don’t recall that he was such an automatic first choice like Wall has been.

      • Blake Says:

        Wall has been the #1 pick since 09, that definitely wasn’t thce case with Rose. Although I remember that Rose projected to be at least ‘good’ in the NBA. Wall doesn’t really, his turnover numbers scare me. But if I recall correctly Rose also had a problem shooting the ball and he’s turned out to be solid, and next year I think Rose is going to make big strides.

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