Another draft, another pick I don’t like

Luke Babbitt, Quincy Poindexter, and Damian Jones were all sitting on the board and the Bucks take Larry Sanders?

His collegiate production doesn’t project well.  He’s very long, but he’s not a good inside scorer.  He looks to be below average.

I’m still at work.  I’ll have more later.


22 Responses to “Another draft, another pick I don’t like”

  1. palamida Says:

    Check out my “live” comments on the other thread…. terrible pick.
    Oh and u forgot to mention Whiteside was still on the board (and btw, he still is!).

  2. palamida Says:

    I think I accidentally called Damian James – Damian Jones. What’s worse, I think it caught on :p

  3. palamida Says:

    Same franchises make good decisions year in and out… Spurs just took Anderson.
    That’s a for instance :p

  4. Blake Says:

    So because he’s a below average scorer he is bad? What about defense, Ty? Every year you bash the Bucks picks, Alexander was understandable because quite frankly he was a joke.

    But come on now, he will be a good defensive presence off the bench. And as for Whiteside, he is a total bust. From his interviews he looks like a complete moron. Beasley projected to be great in the NBA, but sucks, and I see Whiteside being just like that. No work ethic, doesn’t have the right attitude. From everything I’ve heard he acts like a kid, and I think he’s not going to be anything special.

    No matter what the numbers show, there is one thing they don’t: ability to improve through hard work. If Sanders works hard with Skiles (a defensive mastermind), I am sure he can be a good back-up and a great post presence. He might not be a scorer, but is that exactly what we need? Mbah a Moute isn’t a post presence, and Ersan Ilyasova certainly isn’t. All we have is Bogut.

    You guys can pick and prod with your numbers, and say it’s a terrible pick. But your numbers have been wrong before (Tyreke Evans, Stephen Curry, etc.). I’m sorry to sound harsh but Hammond has taken our team pretty far since being the joke of the NBA, and I trust Skiles can turn Sanders into a good player. You hated Jennings, I loved him.

  5. palamida Says:

    Blake, First of all if you wanna trash Whiteside, trash me, I don’t recall Ty ever speaking about him (I made it a point to).
    “Your numbers”…
    Sure sometimes you use data to analyze and the results aren’t what you expected.
    That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t – If you don’t use the “numbers” you’d fare much much worse and most franchises prove that year by year.
    I can name 5 guys who were all much better picks than Sanders, not to mention it’s moronic to pick a guy 10 spots above where anyone else would grab him.
    Evans? that’s your best example? Curry? Jennings? that’s a stretch.
    Sanders is a bad pick. Period. Perhaps he’ll outdo his expectations but I doubt it’ll be by much. See what I said about him in the other thread – I do not think he is a bad prospect – not at all, but if you want to draft by need and you need a PF and then go on to select the 3rd or perhaps 4th best option you have… Expect some informed fans to give you a piece of their minds :p
    Same goes for the Maggette trade, which I personally think is a poor one.

    • Blake Says:

      I was actually referring to you on Whiteside, not Ty.

      I never said you shouldn’t use the numbers, I love to see how guys project into the NBA. But how can you honestly say it’s a terrible pick when Ty just said in the post above Marcus Camby had similar numbers in college? This is exactly my point, sure you can talk about his numbers and how they were poor but to flat out call him a terrible pick and assume he’s never going to do anything is asinine. He can easily be a Camby type of player with good work ethic, he already has the defense and working with Skiles will only further elevate him. Sure, he might have been a ‘reach’ by your standards, but if Skiles and Hammond and the Bucks coaching staff like the presence he brings in the paint I will trust them. The NBA draft is all about who you think will be productive in the NBA, even if the numbers say that he won’t be you’re forgetting about desire to get good, and how working hard with his abilities can make him better (just as it did with Camby).

      Evans had a great rookie year playing a lot of minutes at PG, if he would have played exclusively at the 2 spot he would have been even better. And if I recall correctly Ty said Curry’s numbers projected to be horrible, he thought he would be a big bust. Well, according to the win charts he did pretty damn solid for a rookie on a terrible team. I mean come on now, the numbers can be wrong. Especially when you’re dealing with college players.

      Sanders could very well not be anything special, or he could end up being a good defensive player who shuts down his opposition, if he works hard; he can be a player like that.

  6. palamida Says:

    Btw, Blake I’m multitasking here, I’ll write a more informative comment on your comment tomorrow.

  7. palamida Says:

    Now Booker and Jones off the board (great picks) and Whiteside still available.
    I guess teams did stir away from him of a personality merit.
    It’ll bite someones in the ass…

  8. Dan Says:

    “He might not be a scorer, but is that exactly what we need?”

    Personally, I do think that’s what we need. I like the Sanders pick just fine, but when Bogut wasn’t in the game, we had zero scoring ability inside.

    • Blake Says:

      When Bogut was out we gave up a whole hell of a lot of points inside the paint if I recall correctly, I agree we need an offensive player and we could possibly still sign one. But I think we needed a defensive presence more.

      • palamida Says:

        Defensive presence? how about a guy who blocked 5.4 times in 26 mpg as a freshman?

  9. palamida Says:

    Let’s organize things a lil bit here:
    Never did I say (nor do I think) that the “numbers” are everything. There are always other factors to consider, and they are all worth considering.
    The thing is, most NBA teams – judging by the decisions they make, place “other factors” much higher than numbers, when in fact numbers are the most important single factor one has to consider – their preference, in turn, results in some absurd decisions.

    Curry is a unique case and should be looked upon as such.
    He had excellent “numbers” – read: excellent! with one caveat – he did this at a small college.
    Rarely do players get picked that high out of a small program, and rarely do the true elite even end up in one to begin with; so very little precedence to work with; in some cases their numbers represent their true value (which apparently was the case with Curry) and other times – see a Mr. Rodney Stuckey out of East. Washington for more info on that – sometimes, they do not. Ty, elected to downgrade Curry performance because of that caveat – as it turned out – he was wrong, but Curry’s case is unique because of what I just described.

    Do you really want me to go over all the players selected in the lottery this past 5 years and see how many of them the “numbers” got right and how many wrong? and compare that to how many the Gm’s got “right” and “wrong”?

    all the while might I add, the numbers alone (and Prof. Berri cleverly demonstrates) – meaning, not using any other factor or consideration do a much better job at predicting future performance than the so called “experts” as judged by their picks, do.

    If Ty was payed to do what he does, and had ample resources I guarantee you he could seen Evans coming as well: Systems that use for instance, Kenpom’s ratings and further adjust to playing styles could have easily seen that Evans what somewhat suppressed, but again that is not the point here. that’s just anecdotal – you named these guys so i’m addressing them, but that’s not the main issue.
    the points is that there’s just no reason to draft players like last year’s Demar Derozan (9th), or Earl Clarke (14th), or Johnny flynn (6th) who have a proven track record of being unproductive and yet every year teams do….
    Upside, nice workout, great interviews, blah blah blah.
    When Cousins Has a ring and Wall is watching the playoffs from his sofa, at home I hope Leonsis realizes what he did to his newly acquired franchise on this draft day.
    And btw I find Wall, to be a stupid, shallow, pc athlete and I find Cousins “personality” to be endearing. Isn’t afraid to speak his mind, that’s very Shaq like (as his numbers will be) and very unlike modern athletes.
    Favors and Cousins sitting side by side at a press conference:
    Reporters to Favors: What separates you from the guy sitting next to you (whom you’ve known and played against since HS), why should teams pick you?
    Answer: Blah blash, good workouts, Blah Blah, all the work I put in.. blah.
    Same question to Cousins: “I’m the better player”… Lol, hit the nail on the head, I don’t know how can you not love a guy like that :p

  10. Blake Says:

    Before you said that Sanders was a bad pick and that you doubted he’d outdo his expectations by much.

    Obviously there have been players in the past who you could have said this to but turned out to be great. I believe Marcus Camby made Ty’s 1st team all-nba this year. If this would have been Marcus Camby getting drafted you would probably have said the exact same thing “terrible pick, reach.”

    Yet he turned out to be a fantastic contributor, I’m not saying that he will be a Camby sort of player, but there definitely is a chance. And if he doesn’t get as good as Camby, hopefully with Skiles he can become a successful player. All I’m arguing is that the numbers are never always right for college ball, I’ve heard Ty himself say this on several occasions. So you can never 100% tell whether a player will fail or not. You can’t even call this a good or bad pick officially until he gets onto the court and shows what he can do this year. You can say that the numbers show he might turn out to be average or below average, but to doubt through hard work and coaching that a player can’t have a positive impact on a team just isn’t right. You can believe it’s a bad pick, and I’ll keep thinking it’s a good pick. Skiles is known for his coaching and his defense, and I’ll trust that he will teach him well; I’ll also trust that Larry Sanders will work hard and try his best to be a productive player. If he can do that, I know he can be good. And that’s all I’m trying to say, don’t ever doubt the will to get better in a player.

  11. Blake Says:

    And palamida, there is a reason Whiteside hasn’t been drafted; he’s a headcase. I heard he doesn’t have the right attitude and is way to cocky for being 19 years old. I also heard he had had bad interviews at the combine, but I never expected them to be THIS bad. He went from a late lottery pick all the way to mid 2nd round.

    If the Bucks draft him, I’ll definitely be happy, I’m not denying that. Skiles is a hard coach and he might be able to whip his ass into shape. lol

    • palamida Says:

      there are always “reasons”, that does not mean the line of reasoning is correct.
      Just herd mentality at it’s ugliest, if u ask me.

  12. palamida Says:

    His headcase can go along nicely with Blair’s knee case.

  13. Blake Says:

    Eh. Good point. It goes either way, we’ll see what happens, I doubt Whiteside gets much time with the Kings this season though. He’ll have a lot of good time to develop.

  14. Ryan Says:

    Gotta get Blake’s back here. Summer league baby! July 12 I get to see for myself. Sure Sanders weighs less than Mbah a Moute. If he can somehow hold his own defending 4s and on the boards, that’d be valuable. Shouldn’t be a fouler. I know Ty likes standing reach, 9’4″. If any of these guys can defend 5s to give Bogut a break, that’d be playoff frontcourt depth.

    I’m not inspired to buy a signed piece of court right away like I was last summer for Jennings, but we’re talking about the 15th pick.

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