He’s 320??!!! And Jordan look(ed) good (see update)

I just checked Tiny Gallon’s weight… he’s over 3 bills!!  Why did he come out this season?  He’s only a freshman.  He almost has to play center, and he has decent length, but his production has to be better.

I was just staring at his numbers.  He’s a good rebounder and shooter, but he has a serious turnover problem.  Let me calculate it… whew, he turns the ball over on .205% of his “at-risk possessions!!  That’s horrible, especially for a big man.

I see he went to Oakhill Academy the recruit factory, errr “high school”.  So at one point he must have been a major prospect.  That costs some dough to room and board a guy and I’m sure he wasn’t picking up the tab.  So someone thought he was worth the money.

I project Tiny Gallon with a .321% winning percentage as a rookie.  But I imagine he’s ticketed for the D League.

The Bucks picked one other guy.

Jerome Jordan of Tulsa.  Another center (they took my advice to add size!).  Jordan is very long (9’4”) and seems to pretty well.  I project his rookie winning percentage at .478%.

Of course, with Jordan and Hopson, you have to figure in that they played in a smaller conference against probably lesser opponents.  I don’t do that.

Jordan was a middle of the pack inside scorer (amongst the draft field), but better than any of the other Bucks selections Jordan also had the best “+/-” net among any of the Bucks selections at +11.9.

And like the other two big men selected by the Bucks, his team was much better at preventing points when he was on the floor.  In fact all four of the selections had defensive presence (although I think Tiny was just surrounded by an atrocious Oklahoma team).

1. Tiny Gallon (-11.1)
2. Larry Sanders (-10.3)
3. Jerome Jordan (-8.2)
4. Darrington Hobson (-1.2)

Not all of those guys will play, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they kept all four, for cost cutting purposes, if nothing else.  I think the Bucks made themselves a little better tonight.

And with that, I sign off.  I’m monster tired.

UPDATE, UPDATE:  I saw the comments… scratch Jerome Jordan, he belongs to NYC.  That’s the dicey thing about commenting on the draft.  But its better than Larry Harris drafting Polish guys you never heard of, and then never heard from again. 🙂

One Response to “He’s 320??!!! And Jordan look(ed) good (see update)”

  1. Blake Says:

    Bucks traded C Jerome Jordan to the Knicks for some cash.

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