Hobson a solid second round pick by the Bucks

I like this Darrington Hobson the Bucks took with their second round pick.  He probably doesn’t get all that much playing time this season, but I project him with a .509% winning percentage as a rookie.  Pretty good.  A lot better than some of the high lottery picks not named Cousins or Turner.

Jay Bilas mentioned Hobson had a turnover problem.  But in fact if you consider his “at-risk” possessions (possessions used – 3pt attempts + assists), his percentage of turnovers is .153, just a little bit above the .137 mark that is NBA average and much better than several other players who went high (Gordon Hayward’s was .202).

Hobson is a VERY poor jump shooter, however.  He was near the bottom of the list of 2 point shooters likely to be drafted.

One last note.  I don’t like the “+/-” stat because it is highly teammate dependent.  But in some ways it can be informative, especially on the collegiate level where there just isn’t that much reliable data.

By “+/-“, Bucks first round pick Larry Sanders was one of the better defenders in this year’s draft, and so was their latest pick, the ironically named “Tiny” Gallon.


3 Responses to “Hobson a solid second round pick by the Bucks”

  1. Blake Says:

    Fun fact Ty, in case you didn’t know:

    Brandon Jennings and Tiny Gallon are very good friends and in ESPN Magazines mock draft Brandon Jennings chose Tiny Gallon at #15 for us. I have a feeling Brandon will be really happy! I also know that Tiny is gonna be workin’ hard now that he is with a best friend of his.

    Overall, I loved this draft. Probably my favorite draft of Hammond’s yet.

  2. Dan Says:

    Starting lineup:

    Jennings, Gallon, Jordan, Sanders, Bogut

    Jennings can bring the ball up court and then just dump it inside. The four bigs can just pass the ball to each other over the defenders until someone has a layup or dunk.

  3. Dan Says:

    Scratch that. Alan Hahn, the Knicks’ beat writer, says that the Knicks will purchase the draft rights to Jerome Jordan from the Bucks.

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