One last non-Bucks comment on that German stiff

One last non-Bucks comment… did anyone catch the “highlights” and I use that term VERY loosely shown on ESPN of that German stiff the Timberwolves drafted??

I think he was playing in my old grade school league against St. Boniface!! I shit you not, he was playing in a gym that had matted walls where the baseline seats should be, and I think it was literally lit by those little square windows that they have in Catholic grade school gyms.  I was looking for the popcorn machine, or the squeaky basketball rack, or the gym class waiting to play murderball right after the game!

Oh, and he couldn’t have looked stiffer, slower, or less explosive.

But his highlights couldn’t have been any funnier!

3 Responses to “One last non-Bucks comment on that German stiff”

  1. Dan Says:

    Don’t knock him. He will be excellent as long as he gets wide open under the basket against a team full of six-footers.

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