Did you hear CDR’s interview?

This morning I was watching Sports 32 and they showed clips from Chris Douglas-Roberts initial Milwaukee media interview yesterday.

First of all, I loved the things he said, but they were so over the top I don’t know if he was bullshitting.

And, not to insult him, but he kind of sounded high.  He was talking in a funny stretched manner.  I’ll let you judge.  I doubt he was high.  He just had a physical.  But he was talking in a weird way.

What he said, though, was either great or bologna.  He claimed to be a long-time Bucks fan.  That I did not believe.  He said he wanted to join an up and coming team like Milwaukee.  That I did believe.  He said other totally nice things about Jennings and Coach Skiles and others.  Very interesting guy.  Glad to have him in town.

He just has an odd manner of talking.


One Response to “Did you hear CDR’s interview?”

  1. Dan Says:

    Since word of the trade got out, CDR has been quite odd. His Tweets are entertaining.

    I’m sure you’ll post about this, but the Bucks have signed Drew Gooden. First word was that it was for 5/32, which made me want to evacuate my stomach, but now I’m hearing 3/16 with a 2-year team option, which isn’t too bad.

    I’ve also read that the Bucks are close to re-signing Salmons for 5/39 with 5 mil in potential bonuses.

    If all this pans out, we’ve all of a sudden got a lot of bodies on this team. Sign and trade for Bosh, please?

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